Is Adam Sandler dead or alive? Car crash rumors hit internet with viral death hoax

adam sandler sighting in los angeles california
Adam Sandler is seen in Los Angeles, CA in 2020. Pic credit: ©

Many people recently wondered if actor and comedian Adam Sandler is dead or alive, as his name has been circulating online regarding car crash rumors.

After a social media post indicated that the 55-year-old had died, his name began trending on social media and within many internet searches.

However, based on the latest details, Sandler is alive and well, as the “is Adam Sandler dead?” trend resulted from a viral hoax that often plagues celebrities, including the SNL star.

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‘Is Adam Sandler dead’ trends after TikTok death hoax

Adam Sandler, the beloved star of Uncut Gems and Saturday Night Live (SNL), among other works, had his name trending for the wrong reasons on Wednesday, January 12.

A TikTok user inaccurately claimed that Adam Sandler died, suggesting that the actor had succumbed to a drowning accident.

“Adam Sandler has now been pronounced dead after drowning,” text on part of the Tik Tok video said.

“In His MF Dripp,” the text says with emojis over several still shots of Sandler in different images. The haunting song Circles by TheLyph plays in the background of the video.

The Tik Tok video prompted others to chime in with comments saying they had heard a car wreck left Adam Sandler dead.

Neither of the rumors is true, but information can spread rapidly online. It led to concerned tweets from people on Twitter wondering if the actor had passed away.

“Adam Sandler is dead?” one person tweeted, wondering if what they’d seen was true.

fan questions adam sandler trend about death hoax
Pic credit: @El_Ewok/Twitter
twitter user questions adam sandler death hoax
Pic credit: @TRAPUCHIHAS/Twitter

Another individual suggested the actor and comedian is the subject of an annual death hoax, so it’s become an ongoing thing.

adam sandler death hoax is annual thing per twitter user
Pic credit: @@Awake7_/Twitter

Basically, the “Is Adam Sandler dead” hoax went viral quickly on TikTok on Wednesday, which caused him to trend elsewhere. It also caused some fake reports to surface on Twitter, but there is no indication that the actor has passed away as of this report.

Sadly, the Sandler death hoax is one of many to have hit the internet over the years. In the past, death hoaxes included fake news suggesting Eminem, Bill Murray, Jon Bon Jovi, Jerry Springer, and William H. Macy had passed away, but all are still alive and well.

The celebrity death hoaxes often arrive as individuals attempt to go viral and get traffic towards their social media page or website. Unfortunately, these attempts are done in very poor taste.

What is Adam Sandler currently up to?

Adam Sandler was relatively quiet in 2021 after appearing in many roles over the two years before that. That included his Netflix films Hubie Halloween and Murder Mystery, as well as the critically-acclaimed Uncut Gems.

Fans were disappointed to find out that Sandler was not part of the Hotel Transylvania sequel, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, as actor Brian Hull took on the role of Dracula instead.

Adam will be back on the screen quite soon, though, as he has several projects in post-production with another filming. They include Spaceman and Hustle, both set for 2022. 

Meanwhile, a sequel to the Netflix movie Murder Mystery is filming. That will reunite Sandler with his co-star from the first film, Jennifer Aniston. They’ll reprise their roles as Nick and Audrey Spitz.

Several days ago, Adam Sandler was among the man fans and friends to pay tribute to the late Bob Saget, who died on Sunday.

“Great man. Funny as hell. Such a nice person. Love to Bob and his whole family,” Sandler wrote in a caption on his Instagram post.

That was Adam Sandler’s most recent social media post, and he tends to use Instagram sporadically rather than daily like other celebrities tend to.

However, rest assured no official reports are confirming that Adam Sandler is dead, as it’s simply a viral death hoax affecting another celebrity and causing unnecessary concern.

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