How many times has Jennifer Lopez been married?

Jennifer Lopez. 91st Annual Academy Awards presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held at Hollywood & Highland Center.
Upon hearing the news that Jennifer Lopez is engaged to Alex Rodriguez, many are asking how many times she’s been married. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement via Instagram this weekend, showing off Lopez’s huge new ring in the picture.

Fans know that JLo has been engaged several times in her life, with five engagements known to the public. The recent engagement has many fans wondering how many times Jennifer Lopez has actually been married and how long those marriages lasted.

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JLo’s time with Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were friends for several years before getting married in 2004. The couple welcomed their twins, Max and Emma, in 2008. Three years later in 2011, Lopez and Anthony split up.

Despite splitting up in 2011, they were legally wed for 10 years. The divorce wasn’t finalized until 2014, making JLo’s marriage with Marc Anthony her longest known relationship.

Jennifer Lopez was granted primary custody of the twins. According to PopSugar, Marc Anthony and J.Lo are still close.

Cris Judd’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez

Although many believe Cris Judd was just a rebound after Lopez and Diddy split up, their relationship lasted two years. During those two years, they did get married.

Cris Judd was a backup dancer when he met JLo, hired to direct the music video for Love Don’t Cost A Thing. Their romance was strong but unfortunately, Judd wasn’t the right one for J.Lo.

Since their divorce in 2003, Judd has come forward and said that the limelight and paparazzi that came with being married to Jennifer Lopez was too much for him. Despite the negativity of the limelight, Judd said that their relationship wouldn’t have worked regardless of the paparazzi- they just aren’t meant to be.

Jennifer Lopez’s mysterious first husband

Jennifer Lopez was first married in 1997 to a man named Ojani Noa. The relationship was short-lived, as the two split in 1998.

The details around Lopez’s first marriage aren’t very clear. Ojani Noa, a Cuban waiter, has tried to make certain details public, but J.Lo won’t allow it.

Back in 2006, Lopez filed and won a lawsuit to prevent Noa from publishing a book about their time together. Noa has also been blocked from releasing an intimate video from their honeymoon.

According to Lopez’s attorney, Ojani Noa will try to make as much money off of Lopez as he can. There are no details private enough for Noa, as long as they make him money.

Looking ahead to the future

Many of us can take a look at Jennifer Lopez’s romantic history and see that most things didn’t work out as planned. Lopez looks like a romantic who gets swept off her feet a little too soon sometimes, but fans love her for who she is.

Taking a look at Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez, it looks more promising than her relationships past. The two have been seeing each other since 2017, and we’re just now seeing a proposal. Whatever the future may have in store, fans are wishing the best for J.Lo and her new engagement.

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