Here’s the modern way Prince William and Kate Middleton parent their children, according to royal expert

Prince William and Kate Middleton at an event
Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking a modern approach to parenting. Pic credit: ©

Prince William and Kate Middleton may look like they have the most glamorous life imaginable; living in a palace, red carpet events, crowns, and a seat in line for the throne. But, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pageant, they proved they are just like every other parent, and their kids will be kids.

Prince Louis’ antics during the balcony appearances at Buckingham Palace, and the Platinum Jubilee concert proved he’s the same as every 4-year-old, meaning he drives his parents crazy. Louis pulled faces, cupped his hand over Kate’s mouth, jumped up and down and waved his arms excessively, much to the delight of royal fans.

Prince William and Kate Middleton use ’emotional intelligence’ when dealing with their children

Kate and William proved they know just how to deal with it, and according to a royal expert they use “emotional intelligence” to discipline their children, Prince George 8, Princess Charlotte 7, and Prince Louis 4.

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The expert, Jennie Bond, told Ok! magazine, “I’ve read that they have a very modern way of parenting where, instead of putting your child on the naughty step, you allow your child to explain why they feel how they do and have a conversation about it so they can express themselves and calm down that way.”

She also suggested that the Cambridges focused on mental health when they discipline their children.

She said, “The family dynamics look to be very normal. They both, William in particular, have spoken before about the importance of mental health and giving their children emotional intelligence and the space to tell their parents how they’re feeling and what their emotions are.”

William and Kate are trying to raise their children as normal as possible

It’s been said many times before, and was reiterated by Jennie that William and Kate are trying to raise their children in as normal a way as possible, despite their roles within the royal family, and knowing Prince George will one day become King.

Royal fans will know that Princess Diana made a huge effort to raise Princes William and Harry in as normal an upbringing as possible, even taking them to theme parks and McDonald’s during their off days.

It’s likely William is influenced by this, as well as the influence from Kate Middleton’s parents, who raised Kate and her siblings as regular, middle-class kids.

The royal expert continued, “I think William and Catherine are making a good job of giving their children as much of a normal upbringing as possible.”

While Louis’ antics were on display for the world to see, most parents will be nodding their heads in a knowing way, thinking about their own toddlers tearing through their homes everyday.

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