Here’s how Kate Middleton proved she’s just like other moms

Kate Middleton smiling
Kate Middleton proved she’s just like other moms after baking cupcakes with her kids. Pic credit: ©

Kate Middleton showed she is not just the Duchess of Cambridge, but a mom as well, after posting a video baking with her children.

The mom of 3 was featured in a video posted to her and Prince William’s official Instagram page, @dukeandduchessofcambridge, in which she baked cupcakes for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations with her kids, Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte 7, and Prince Louis 4.

Kate baked and decorated cupcakes with her children

The foursome decorated and iced the scrumptious baked goods, also mixing, pouring, and cracking eggs into a bowl.

Kate dressed the royal siblings in classic polos, with both George and Louis matching in their father’s classic color, navy blue, and Charlotte in pink.

Kate wore a red and white checkered blouse in a farm-inspired gingham pattern, with a low collar and buttons. She paired it with denim jeans, and wore her hair in the style she has grown accustomed to as of late, straight with a middle part.

The video series of photos was captioned, “Baking cakes for the local community in Cardiff to enjoy at a Platinum Jubilee street party taking place today! [celebration emoji] We hope you like them! [cupcake emoji].”

The family baked the cupcakes before visiting Cardiff in Wales on Saturday as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The images also gave royal fans a glimpse of the Cambridge’s kitchen, which was white and traditional, and decorated with a Union Jack banner.

Kate has been praised for her handling of her kids during the Platinum Jubilee

Kate has been praised recently for her handling of her children during Platinum Jubilee events, especially while waving on the Buckingham Palace balcony during Trooping the Colour.

Prince Louis looked pretty overwhelmed during the appearance (understandably, he’s only 4) and began pulling faces, covering his ears, and getting antsy as many toddlers do.

Kate bent down and gave him a gentle scolding, even having Queen Elizabeth try to distract him. It was the equivalent of a child at the dinner table who is told to wait 5 more minutes, and parents all know how that goes.

It was a relatable moment showing that Kate may be a Duchess and married to Prince William but she’s no different than other moms (if you discount the nannies, maids, and huge apartment in a palace.)

Kate’s parenting has been a result of her upbringing

A source told The Sun that Kate’s parenting is a result of her own upbringing in the very close Middleton family.

“As parents they are also very good at rolling up their sleeves and helping out with school events; sports days, fundraisers and that sort of thing,” the source said.

They continued, “They try to be just like normal parents with normal parenting challenges. No one ever jumps the queue for anything. They just try to fit in.”

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