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Henry Winkler shares hilarious TikTok video showing he can keep up with the latest dance moves with his grandkids

Henry Winkler on the red carpet
Henry Winkler still has plenty of dance moves. Pic credit: ©

Henry Winkler has delighted fans by showing off his dance moves in an adorable routine performed with his grandkids on TikTok.

Winkler first charmed his way on to television sets as Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (“The Fonz”) on the 1974 ABC all-American sitcom Happy Days, with costars such as Ron Howard, Tom Bosley, and Marian Ross.

While he was supposed to initially be a recurring character, he quickly won over fans with his “too-cool-for-school” attitude (not to mention his iconic thumbs-up sign and expression “Hey” or “Ayyyy” greeting, depending on how you preferred to say it), free spirit, and chill demeanor, and he quickly became a series regular.  

And while Happy Days wrapped up in 1984 after eleven seasons on the air, Henry Winkler has continued to delight and impress his fans with his acting skills. But it’s his dance skills we’re really interested in at the moment. Winkler kicked off a new year with a TikTok video of himself busting a move with his grandkids. At age 76, he’s not only still got it, he’s passing his slick moves on to the next generation!

Henry Winkler dances it out on TikTok

The new year has already gotten off to a rough start for many, with Betty White’s passing on December 31 at the age of 99 (which fans across the world are continuing to mourn), plummeting winter temperatures, and the ongoing pandemic crisis.

Winkler’s 15-second video clip of him and his young grandchildren enjoying time together over the holiday season will put a smile on anyone’s face, regardless of how you’re feeling about this year so far. He and his grandchildren bust out to a Showmusik Remix version of The Pussycat Dolls song “When I Grow Up.”

The video starts out with three of Winkler’s grandchildren, from the youngest to the oldest, cutting to Winkler (waving his hands in the background in a dramatic, jazz-hands fashion) as he moves to the side. Then all four of them reconvene in the video and finish with a grand finale of jumping and bouncing around excitedly.


My grandchilden

♬ When I Grow Up Showmusik Remix – Showmusik Sounds

More dance moves on Winkler’s TikTok

Winkler only joined TikTok last November, but has already has posted a few videos of his home, family, and pets, including him reading a bedtime story to his dog, Sadie:

And if you’re still in need of a few more ultra-cool Arthur Fonzarelli dance moves, check out this video Winkler posted on TikTok on November 26 of him cutting a rug on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

A couple of years ago horror struck the hearts of many Winkler fans when it was reported that he had passed away. Thankfully, he was merely a victim of one of those annoying internet death hoaxes.