Gwen Stefani shows off her eyebrow evolution as they go from skinny to thick and everything in between 

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani’s evolving eyebrows are fascinating to see. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Featureflash

Gwen Stefani’s evolving eyebrows have raised a few eyebrows.

The Voice judge Gwen Stefani is a trendsetter in fashion, and so are her eyebrows. The singer is debuting a new beauty line, and promotions include a video showing some of her notable eyebrow shapes. 

In the ‘90s, Gwen Stefani burst onto the music scene with the band No Doubt. Back then, thin eyebrows were in, and Gwen was down with the trend. 

Gwen Stefani shows off her eyebrow evolution through the years

Gwen Stefani has been an important member of the music and fashion communities for nearly three decades. So it is no surprise that the No Doubt front woman’s eyebrows have changed with the trends. 

The video appeared on GXVE Beauty’s Instagram. 

GXVE is Gwen’s new beauty line that she will release through Sephora on Wednesday. 

The caption reads, “We love an eyebrow evolution moment. Which brow is your fave?” And Gwen offered fans many looks to choose from the thin eyebrows of the ‘90s to the full eyebrow trend of today.

The video started with a black-and-white picture of Gwen, then transitioned to pink-haired Gwen, both of whom rocked skinny brows. Gwen channeled Old Hollywood stars like Jean Harlow early in her career, and thin eyebrows were part of the look. 

As the 2000s rolled around, Gwen embarked on a solo career and released Holla Back. This era saw Gwen’s perfectly sculpted eyebrows, slightly thicker than the decade prior. More recent photos show Gwen adapting a fuller eyebrow trend more aligned with current trends. 

Gwen Stefani’s new beauty line GXVE Beauty

GXVE is Gwen Stefani’s first beauty line, and she pronounces it as “Give.” The name GXVE comes from her signature: a G with an X. 

Gwen has experience with beauty, other than working with the top makeup artists in the world as a recording artist. Gwen used to do makeup at a department store.

Gwen says, “I’ve always done my own makeup for live no matter what. Even now, still… It’s part of my ritual.” 

Gwen takes her makeup rituals very seriously. She continues, “And it’s not just for stage, but it’s also a part of my step to get to wherever I need to be when I wake up in the morning. Like, what creative version of me am I going to put forward?”

GXVE features eight products, an eye shadow palette with four variations, black and blue pencil eyeliner; two brow pencils in multiple shades; a skincare oil primer, and lipstick. The items range from $21 to $48. 

GXVE will launch online on March 3, and at Sephora, its exclusive retail partner, on March 10. 

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