Grandma Mary Duggar cause of death: Did a stroke kill the Counting On grandma?

Grandma Mary Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Grandma Mary Duggar passed away suddenly. Pic credit: TLC

Grandma Mary Duggar passed away yesterday leaving Counting On viewers stunned by the sad news. The shock announcement came when the family shared the news on their official Facebook page.

While the news of Grandma Mary Duggar’s passing was written like an obituary, there was no mention of a cause of death. In fact, her health had not been mentioned at all. Viewers had been wondering about the lack of appearances on Counting On but many assumed she was busy or no longer wanted to be in the spotlight.

Many of the Duggar family members paid tribute to Grandma Mary Duggar on Instagram yesterday but none of them mentioned how she died. It was sudden, something that was noted by Jill Duggar. That was the extent of the information revealed to the public.

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Duggar Family News: Life isn’t all pickles and hairspray revealed that during their research they discovered that Grandma Mary Duggar suffered a stroke on December 30, 2018. It is unclear where the information came from but that Facebook page has posted accurate information in the past about the family.

In fact, Duggar Family News was the first to report Lauren’s miscarriage which likely prompted the announcement from Josiah and Lauren shortly afterward.

Also, they noted that Grandma Mary Duggar did attend church yesterday morning, confirming the reports that her death was sudden and unexpected. It is unknown whether the family will release the cause of death or if an autopsy will be performed.

The Duggar family has asked for prayers and revealed they are all carrying sadness over the loss over the Duggar matriarch, Grandma Mary Duggar.

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