Genesis P-Orridge dies at 70 after battle with leukemia

Genesis P-Orridge dies at 70 after battle with leukemia
Genesis P-Orridge dies at 70. Pic credit: Andre Bauer/YouTube

With all the fear around the world concerning the coronavirus, the news hit today that Avant-garde musician Genesis P-Orridge died at the age of 70.

However, h/er death had nothing to do with the coronavirus that has infected everyone from Tom Hanks to members of the Utah Jazz basketball team.

Genesis P-Orridge death

Genesis P-Orridge’s death was announced via social media.

The news came from Ryan Martin from Dais Records, who posted a message from both Genesse and Caresse P-Orridge.

“It is with very heavy hearts that we announce thee passing of our beloved father, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

S/he had been battling leukemia for two and a half years and dropped he/r body early this morning, Saturday March 14th, 2020.”

The statement also mentioned that s/he would be lied to rest with her other half, Jaqueline “Lady Jaye” Breyer, who died in 2007.

According to Stereogum, P-Orridge was battling leukemia and passed away at the age of 70.

Who is Genesis P-Orridge?

Genesis P-Orridge was born in Manchester as Neil Andrew Megson, growing up in Essex.

S/he started working in music in the ’60s in the genre of experimental rock, and also dabbled in occultism. H/er first group was Worm in 1967.

After moving to London, s/he started the avant-garde group known as COUM Transmissions and that is when s/he started to use the name Genesis P-Orridge, legally changing h/er name in 1971.

Genesis P-Orridge was very risque at the time, using a penis for a logo and often having live sex acts during concerts and shows.

In 1975, P-Orridge started Throbbing Gristle and they released a series of albums, of which their third, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, is considered a seminal industrial album.

After that group broke up in 1981, P-Orridge started the new rock band Psychic TV. They were the most prolific group that s/he was part of, releasing 14 albums in just a year and a half.

In 1992, Genesis P-Orridge got into a little trouble when Scotland Yard raided h/er house after accusations arose concerning child sex abuse. However, all charges were dropped as the case was considered a “misunderstanding.”

In 1993, P-Orridge moved to New York with h/er future wife Lady Jaye and the two had body modification surgery to try to look just like each other.

Lady Jaye ended up passing away in 2007, and two years later Genesis P-Orridge retired from the music industry after Throbbing Gristle played at Coachella in 2009.

The Genesis P-Orridge leukemia diagnosis came in 2017 and fans helped pay for h/er treatment.

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