Full House feud: Candace Cameron Bure unfollows Jodie Sweetin on social media — Here’s why

Candace Cameron Bure attends the 2018 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party and Jodie Sweetin attends the Winter 2018 TCA Event
Candace Cameron Bure unfollowed Full House co-star Jodie Sweetin after feuding with her about traditional marriage. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia/Carrie-nelson

Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin, who portrayed sisters on Full House and Fuller House have seemingly become involved in a feud following Bure’s comments on traditional marriage. The two have been on opposing sides since Bure first revealed in mid-November her desire to act in films that specifically celebrated traditional marriage and, somewhere along the way, the disagreement led to Bure unfollowing her Full House co-star on Instagram.

As of the writing of this article, Bure no longer follows Sweetin on Instagram, though Sweetin still follows Bure. The unfollowing was surprising as the two have a history of friendship after having worked together in the Full House franchise.

The disagreement between the two started on November 14, 2022, when Bure explained her decision to leave Hallmark despite her long history of collaborating with the network. Her decision came close to the same time that Hallmark Channel announced that their first Christmas film starring an LGBTQ+ lead couple would be released in December.

Bure left Hallmark to become an executive with a different network, Great American Family, which features family-friendly and faith-based programming.

Regarding her decision to leave Hallmark for Great American Family, Bure stated, “I knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment. … I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core.”

Her comments were met with backlash from several stars, such as JoJo Siwa, who criticized Bure for wishing to focus on traditional families and exclude LBGTQ+ representation from her films. Sweetin eventually also revealed her disagreement with Bure’s sentiments.

Jodi Sweetin opposed Candace Cameron Bure’s marriage comments

Sweetin did not openly address Bure’s comments. However, she did subtly show her opposition to Bure’s ideals by supporting Siwa.

Siwa slammed Bure on Instagram in a post where she expressed disbelief at Bure’s statement. Siwa called it “rude and hurtful to a whole community of people” that Bure would create a film to exclude the LBGTQ+ community and admit it to the press.

One of the top comments on Siwa’s post came from Sweetin, who wrote, “You know I love you.” Her comment of support received well over 25,000 likes.

Jodie Sweetin comments on JoJo Siwa's post criticizing Candance Cameron Bure
Pic credit: @itsjojosiwa/Instagram

Shortly after posting that comment, Sweetin reposted a share originally made by American actress and singer Holly Robinson Peete. While Peete’s post didn’t directly reference Bure, it did tackle the concept of “traditional marriage” and how the phrase belittles members of the LGBTQ+ community and their relationships and commitments to each other.

Neither Bure nor Sweetin have publicly addressed the alleged feud between them. However, it is clear that the two have differing stances on the topic of marriage and Bure unfollowed Sweetin after Sweetin’s subtle opposition to her statement.

Bure responded to backlash for ‘traditional marriage’ comments

Two days after she made her comments on marriage, Bure responded to the backlash she received. She issued a statement to her fans expressing that she had never intended to offend or hurt anyone with her comments.

She went on to explain that, as a Christian, her faith called on her to love everyone. As a result, she reiterated that she loved anyone of any race, sexuality, or political party, as well as even those who had allegedly criticized, bullied, and attacked her online.

Bure further clarified that it was the faith-based programming of the Great American Family that had sparked her interest. She also claimed that she had expressed in the interview that people of “all ethnicities and identities” would contribute to the network, but that the comment wasn’t included in the finished piece.

Bure seemed to indicate that her comments had been misinterpreted in the interview. She concluded her statement by indicating that all she wanted to do was share the story of God and Christmas with her followers through her films.

Sweetin seemingly did not like or comment on Bure’s statement. Without their official comments, it is difficult to know where the former co-stars stand in their friendship currently.

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