Flowbee: What is the hair-cutter machine used by George Clooney?

George Clooney on the red carpet
George Clooney showing off his Flowbee cut perfect hair at an event in London, 2019. Pic credit: ©

Actor George Clooney claimed yesterday that he’s been cutting his own hair for years using a device called the Flowbee.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the 59-year-old Catch-22 actor claimed he’s had a head start on all of us who have been cutting our own hair while in quarantine.

He’s been doing it for years!

Clooney proudly admitted to interviewer Tracy Smith that he has been cutting his hair for years with a Flowbee, a bizarre haircutting device that was first invented in the ’80s.

And he looks fantastic for it!

George Clooney’s been cutting his hair for 25 years

Clooney was discussing life in quarantine and was asked if he’s been cutting his own hair, to which he responded, “I’ve been cutting my own hair for 25 years.”

He said his hair is like straw, so it’s easy to cut, and “you can’t really make any mistakes.” He explained that “years ago I bought a thing called a Flowbee, which when we were kids –”

Interviewer Tracy Smith cut him off before he could finish: She hollered: “You did not! The infomercial!”

“Yeah. It comes with a vacuum cleaner and the clippers. Yeah. I still have it. … He then stressed that his hair cuts only take 2 minutes!

“Listen, man, it works!” he smiled. “Now, I wouldn’t do it to my wife …!”

The Ocean’s Eleven actor  claimed his hair — all of it — is “all Flowbee.”

So, what on earth is a Flowbee?

The Flowbee is a set of hair clippers built into a vacuum-powered device advertised to cut your hair all over at an equal length. Basically, your hair is sucked up into a tube where a pair of oscillating blades chops it off.

The device was invented by Rick Hunts in San Diego, California, and he patented it in 1987. The company is now based in Kerrville, Texas, and was popularized following a string of late-night infomercials. It’s sold millions of devices.

The star of Gravity might be interested to know (if he doesn’t already) astronauts on the ISS station orbiting the Earth use similar devices. The vacuum aspect of the Flowbee system ensures no dangerous hair follicles float into the sensitive equipment.

The Flowbee website offers a range of different devices, but it seems a “Flowbee system” will set you back almost $100. However, now that they have Hollywood royalty and astronauts to endorse their equipment, we can maybe, expect those prices to skyrocket.

George Clooney is no stranger to a bit of entrepreneurial activity himself; in 2017, he sold his premium tequila drinks brand, Casamigos, for an eye-watering $1 billion.

Two years ago, there was a fright for Clooney fans when he was involved in an accident on his motorbike on the Italian island of Sardinia. Thankfully, he was ok.

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