George Clooney car accident: Star injured on motorbike

George Clooney wearing a black suit jacket and sunglasses.
George Clooney was injured on his motorbike and rushed to the hospital on the Italian island of Sardina — Pic credit: John Bauld/Wikimedia

George Clooney was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after a collision with a car caused the star to be injured while riding his motorbike. It all happened on the Italian island of Sardina. Thankfully, the Ocean’s 8 actor is expected to be okay.

According to NBC’s Claudio Lavanga (via MSN), the accident occurred around 8:15 a.m, local time in the province of Olbia while Clooney was riding his scooter on the state road to Costa Corallina. The driver of the car has been accused of failing to “respect the right of way,” and turning in front of Clooney, running into him.

The driver of the car reportedly stopped to aid George Clooney, who was injured on his motorbike when the car hit him. The driver, whose identity has not been made available, then called an ambulance.

Clooney was transported to the John Paul II hospital to be checked. He reportedly complained of pain to his pelvis and had bruising to one arm and one leg.

George Clooney has since been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. He did not suffer any serious injuries.

According to the Italian news source, La Nuova, Amal Clooney rushed to the hospital as soon as she heard George had been injured on his motorbike. The pair were seen leaving the hospital in a car together after exiting through a side door.

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