Floribama Shore star Gus Smyrnios debuts blonde girlfriend on Easter

Gus Smyrnios appears to be off the market. Pic credit: MTV

Gus Smyrnios has been a heartthrob since hitting the reality television scene with Floribama Shore. Since then, he has also gone on to compete on MTV’s The Challenge.

His love life has been a hot topic, especially given his hookup with fellow Floribama Shore co-star Nilsa Prowant. During Season 1, he was interested in her but the feeling was not mutual. The following season, there was a role reversal and she was crushing on him hard.

Is Gus Smyrnios single?

On Easter, Gus Smyrnios shared a photo with a very pretty blonde. It was seemingly an announcement that the two were a couple though he didn’t come right out and blatantly say anything. Upon further inspection, her name is Lisa Burns.

Her Instagram is private so there isn’t much to learn about the cute blonde who has captured Gus Smyrnios’ heart at the moment. The two did exchange the words “I love you” in the comments, which is a big step in any relationship.

Gus and Lisa exchanging “I love yous” Pic credit: Gus Caleb Smyrnios/Instagram

How long have these two been together?

Given that Floribama Shore was still filming at this point last year, it is definitely less than a year. Gus Smyrnios was very hesitant when he left the Floribama Shore house last season regarding a return visit in the future given the amount of exposure his family endured during his time on the show.

If the show ended filming in May or even June, Gus and Lisa have only been together a maximum of 10 months. The only photos of the two of them on his Instagram account were posted on Easter.

At this point, the length of their relationship is a mystery. After seeing how reality television affected his family, it is likely that the decision to show off his girlfriend wasn’t taken lightly.

Floribama Shore has not yet been renewed by MTV.

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