FBG Duck’s alleged killers: O’Block Muwop among five arrested for murder of Chicago rapper

Muwop posing with a gun and shooting victim FBG Duck close-up
Muwop (left) is among five accused of murdering rapper FBG Duck (right) in a brazen gun attack last year. Pic credit:@muwopfrmdao/Instagram/@real_fbgduck063/Instagram/Mulaa Flocco/YouTube.

In August 2020, Chicago rapper FBG Duck was shot dead on the first block of East Oak Street — a luxurious shopping district in a broad day brazen attack.

An unsealed federal racketeering indictment accuses five alleged members of the notorious Chicago street gang O’Block of carrying out the murder.

Up-and-coming rapper O’Block Muwop was among those named in the indictment.

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Those charged with murder in aid of racketeering are as follows: Charles ‘C Murda’ Liggins, Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Roberson, Tacarlos ‘Los’ Offerd, 30; Christopher ‘C Thang’ Thomas and Marcus “Muwop” Smart.

If convicted, they face a minimum of life in prison, and prosecutors can seek the death penalty.

Muwop claims he is a janitor

Muwop, real name, Marcus Smart, is a 22-year-old rapper from the south side of Chicago. He launched his rap career following the death of his friend King Von last year.

His music has over 9 million views on YouTube, including a collaboration with the late King Von.

Following his arrest on Wednesday, Muwop and the other defendants appeared in court via telephone and entered not guilty pleas.

When asked what he did for a living, The Chicago Tribute writes that Smart claimed he works as a church janitor.

FBG Duck diss record put police on alert

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the 11-page indictment linked Chicago drill music to a gang war that led to acts of violence being claimed on social media by rivaling gang factions.

Police told the Sun-Times that Duck’s “derogatory comments” about Black Disciple gang members was a possible motive for his murder.

“Generally speaking, what’s happening on social media, and what’s happening in music videos that are on YouTube, particularly in the drill-rap genre, it shows you what’s happening in this city…. which is that people are threatening to commit acts of violence, and then either bragging about acts of violence or talking about how they’re going to retaliate for other violence, it’s happening on a regular basis,” U.S. Attorney John Lausch told the media on Wednesday.

FBG Duck’s diss record Dead Bi*ches, released shortly before his death, named and mocked his deceased rivals, including King Von’s friend T-Roy and Odee Perry.

Duck, real name Carlton D. Weekly was murdered within a month of the song’s release. The song currently sits at over 32 million views on YouTube.

Weekly was 26 years old and is survived by his four children.

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