Eric and Jessie James Decker celebrate 9-year wedding anniversary ‘I choose you’

Eric and Jessie James Decker
Eric and Jessie James Decker. Pic credit: ©

Eric and Jessie James Decker are celebrating their nine-year wedding anniversary.

The former American football wide receiver, 35, and the country singer, 34, got married in 2013 and share three children together – Vivianne Rose Decker, 8, Eric Decker II, 6, and Forrest Decker, 4.

Eric and Jessie James Decker have been married for nine years

Taking to Instagram, the couple shared sweet tributes to celebrate their nine years of marriage.

Writing under pictures of him and Jessie, Eric wrote: “Happy Anniversary Mi Amor. I love this life with you! So many adventures and beautiful memories we have created together.”

“You have stood by my side through the good and the bad. You are my lover, best friend and soulmate! 9 years down and a lifetime to go. Cheers to us.”

Jessie also took to her Instagram page to share a beautiful video of their wedding book.

The clip was played alongside a song she wrote for her husband.

“Wanted to share our wedding book with you and a song I wrote for Eric,” Jessie said. “I still choose you.”

Gushing about his wife back in 2019, Eric told US Weekly that her free spirit balanced his seriousness. He also added that her light and positive energy filled the house.

“She’s such a perfect complement to me, because a lot of times, I can get more serious … and she’s so free-spirited,” he said.

Jessie James Decker recently opened up about her struggles with mental health

Jessie recently took to Instagram to share her struggles with anxiety and body image.

The mother of three revealed that she wants to be open and not always show the ‘good’ side of her life.

She wrote: “I have struggled the last couple of years. It’s up and down. There have been really beautiful amazing moments but also some pretty low lows. The reason why I want to share this is because I think I got to a place where I was trying to hide my vulnerabilities because if I made everything look great all the time it would hide my internal struggles.”

Speaking about how she’s grateful for her husband and kids, she added: “I have a very blessed life with healthy children and an incredible loving rock of a husband. But I have definitely struggled these past couple of years. My anxiety has gotten worse, my self-esteem, my confidence.”

She went on the describe her battles with body image and how she goes from exercising excessively to not exercising at all and comfort eating.

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