Eliza Seraphin: Who is Future’s alleged baby mama he’s suing for talking about their sex life

Eliza Seraphin aka Eliza Reign
Future has sued his alleged baby mama Eliza Seraphin (aka Eliza Reign) for defamation and invasion of privacy. Pic credit:

Rapper Future has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Eliza Seraphin (aka Eliza Reign), the Instagram model who claims that her daughter, Reign Wilburn, is the Future’s seventh child.

Future is suing Seraphin for defamation and invasion of privacy, TMZ is reporting.

The Blast reported that court documents reveal that Future is suing her for “libel, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Future’s lawsuit reportedly alleges that Seraphin shared intimate details about him and about their relationship to make money.

Future says that Seraphin offered a detailed description of his genitals on Rah Ali’s Onsite. She then promoted the interview on her Instagram page.

He also alleged that Seraphin has been spreading lies about him. Future alleges that Seraphin claimed that he put a hit on her when she refused to get an abortion.

He said that Seraphin’s actions were hurting his brand and causing him distress.

Future is asking the court to stop Seraphin from further sharing intimate details about him and defaming him. He is also asking for damages.

According to TMZ, Future did not address the question of whether he is the father of Eliza’s child, as she claims. But he admitted they had a short-lived relationship from 2016 to 2018.

He said he wouldn’t have had relations with her if he had known she would talk about it publicly.

Who is Eliza Seraphin, also known as Eliza Reign?

Seraphin is a model from Florida who claims that her baby daughter, named Reign Wilburn, is Future’s seventh child. Not much is known about her, but you can find her here on Instagram, where she has 344,000 followers. She is known to her Instagram followers as Eliza Reign.

Seraphin is also known to her social media fans as the Haitian Goddess. She has reportedly worked as a brand ambassador for Ohana Boutique and Luxury Xtensions.

TMZ reported in August 2019 that Seraphin brought a paternity case against Future in Broward County. She claimed Future abandoned her and her baby after she gave birth in April 2019.

She said she stopped working when she was five months pregnant and that she spent $100K on her baby and even sold her car to pay bills.

She asked the judge to make Future retroactively pay child support and hospital expenses she incurred during pregnancy.

According to the Daily Mail, Future, who already has six children by multiple women, filed documents in October 2019 to have the paternity suit thrown out.

Future’s lawsuit did not address the question of whether he was the father of Seraphin’s baby. However, he accused Seraphin of trying to extort him by claiming she did not have any source of income and that she had to sell her car to make ends meet.

Future claimed Seraphin was lying that she had no source of income. He said Seraphin’s Instagram account revealed evidence of wealth and income. He alleged that contrary to her claim that she sold her car, her Instagram showed that she owned a Range Rover at the time.

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