Drew Barrymore shares iconic throwback pic from the 90s and fans are feeling the nostalgia

image of Drew Barrymore on the red carpet
Drew Barrymore wowed fans by posting a throwback photo. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

Drew Barrymore threw it back to the 90s on her Instagram account. The talk show host hopped on the “Throwback Thursday” trend with a fun picture of herself.

Born to actor parents, Barrymore has been on-screen her entire life. She made her first big wave in Hollywood starring in E.T. at the young age of six. She has since announced an indefinite retirement from her acting career, following her lead roles in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet and the romantic comedy The Stand In.

However, the 46-year-old Californian has found a new home on her syndicated talk show The Drew Barrymore Show. Her live show airs every day and hosts numerous A-list celebrities, many of whom she’s already met throughout her long time in the industry. That quirky aspect always makes way for fun bits and conversations.

Amongst her promotional materials for her active talk show, Barrymore sprinkled in a spicy throwback photo from an earlier point in her career.

Barrymore shares 90s photo

Posting a throwback Thursday pic, Barrymore shared an old image of her making a statement in a white slip dress. Young Barrymore, with her short-cropped hair, paired the dress with two beaded choker necklaces, one with a sunflower bead in the center. She also wore two beaded bracelets on her wrist.

She’s glowing in the image, tossing her hands up and biting her lip in a flirty smile. Barrymore added a totally-relatable caption to the post. She wrote, “When you make it to Thursday (Friday Jr.).”

Barrymore opens up about self-care

In other recent news, Barrymore opened up to her Instagram followers about self-care. Sharing an image of a scale with a yellow post-it reading “say something kind about yourself,” the star wrote a lengthy caption about her mental health.

She wrote, “The point of wellness to me is the mental! I am exhausted from work. I don’t care what the number says! But, I feel bloated from eating like crap. Sleeping too little. Working so much. I have a week off and I plan to scrape those barnacles! I need a redo reboot. And it’s doesn’t matter what my number is.”

Barrymore continued to talk about her journey. She added, “I wanted to start to show my beginning of the week, to show myself what I was capable of, if I had a week to actually practice that term ‘self care’ and I think it’s a load, because most of the time, we don’t actually have time to do it!”

She went on to list the things she can do to improve her mental health, pinpointing “eating healthy. Meditation. Walking. And staying balanced.”

Local airtimes for the Drew Barrymore Show can be found here.

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