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The Kitty Kelley Files premieres with profile of Drew Barrymore by the legendary celebrity biographer

Kitty Kelley talking about her show to camera
The Kitty Kelley Files promises to look beyond the celebrity facade and get to the real person

The Kitty Kelley Files is a brand new series from REELZ that features celebrity biographer Kitty Kelley profiling the powerful and the famous.

Kelley has made a name for herself by writing candid biographies of huge stars like Frank Sinatra, making a point of scratching way beneath the surface and getting to the real marrow of the bones.

The author says that she is fascinated how their talent makes us so interested in them, that star quality or ability to make us laugh or cry or even fall in love, makes them worth finding out about.

In this first episode Kelley profile actress Drew Barrymore and her journey through overnight success and her difficult relationship with her father.

The Kitty Kelley Files airs Saturdays at 10:00 PM on REELZ.