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Does Halle Berry really have six toes? Ellen DeGeneres gets to the bottom of this internet rumor — Watch

Halle Berry at the Mamarazzi screening of "Kidnap"
Halle Berry confirms whether or not she has six toes. Pic credit: ©

Well-known actress Halle Berry debunked a supposed rumor on today’s episode of The Ellen Show by telling viewers she only has five toes on each foot.

Apparently, she gets asked the “six toes” question quite often.

After her interview segment with Degeneres, she is invited to play the show’s game “Burning Questions.”

The game involves the guest being asked questions that fans are eager to know, as they hit a buzzer and say the first answer that comes to mind.

When asked what Berry’s favorite part of her body is, the actress responds quickly with, “my feet.”

She follows up with, “I’ve got some good lookin’ feet.”

According to Berry, she is “known for her feet.” Perhaps fans would lean more towards her extensive list of successful movies, but, her feet work too.

Ellen chimes back with, “Your feet are gonna be on the cover of People [magazine] one day, just – ‘Most Beautiful Feet.'”

Berry claims there’s a rumor floating around and is always asked by fans if she actually has six toes.

Halle then takes off her shoes and proves the truth to the world

Halle Berry debunking six toe rumor
Pic Credit: TheEllenShow/YouTube

Berry continues to take off not one – but both shoes – and count her toes slowly to prove that the rumors are simply rumors.

It’s confirmed – two feet, ten toes.

Halle Berry answers ‘burning’ questions, gushes over new boyfriend

During the segment, Berry also answers two other “burning” questions. She talks about her most memorable kiss being with Hugh Jackman, even though the scene with her co-star never made it into the movie Wolverine. She says their characters Storm and Wolverine “had a thing,” and even though they decided to show it one day on set, it never made the cut. At least, in the movie – apparently not in Berry’s mind.

Halle was also asked the question, “what’s the strangest way you’ve hurt yourself?” She says the incident happened on the set of her hit 2004 movie, Catwoman. A crew member got the wrong cue and swung a lamp at the wrong time, which hit her head and almost knocked her off a bridge – presumably to her death.

Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman
Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman (2004). Pic credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment/YouTube

Luckily, she didn’t fall – perhaps it was her sturdy, good lookin’ feet that saved her. At least now we know it definitely wasn’t her six toes.

In the episode, Berry also talks about her real-life boyfriend Van Hunt and teases Ellen for the fact that they could’ve met when they were both guests on the first season of her show.

She brings up telling Van, “You could’ve found me 20 years and and saved me all this misery I’ve been through!” Then, says to Ellen, “How come you didn’t arrange that, Ellen? You would’ve saved me three marriages!”

Halle Berry earned her directorial debut with the Netflix show Bruised. Berry plays the show’s lead character Jackie Justice, who is a defeated MMA fighter seeking redemption.

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