Diplo’s dyed his hair blue and he’s getting roasted for it on social media

Diplo blue hair
Diplo pictured during his pre-blue hair phase. Pic credit: ©

Diplo’s newest hairstyle is not getting too much love on Instagram.

The American DJ posted a photo, location-stamped in Paris, showing his new do on March 3.

Diplo, 43, wrote in the caption of his Instagram post, “Frank River or Dank Ocean?” It’s safe to guess that the caption is a reference to Frank Ocean and his reputation for experimenting with his hair color.

Diplo, who welcomed his third son in 2020 with his then-partner model Jevon King, seems to be taking the criticism in stride as he posted screenshots of some of the responses his new look is receiving. They range from him being called “Papa Smurf” to “Eiffel 65,” the latter being a reference to the Italian music group.

Among the few who approve of the blue hair include former Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger.

In another group of photos in a separate post, Diplo joked that he had been mistaken for former WWE star John Cena.

Diplo said in March 2022 that he just tries to be ‘silly’ on Instagram

The hair-dying Instagram posts came just as an interview Diplo did with Input dropped. In the the interview, Diplo spoke about his use of social media with particular reference to his infamous feud with Taylor Swift. Diplo said, “When I first started using social media, it was a big joke for me. On Twitter, I was an unabashedly crazy person. And I didn’t realize that there was power in those words. I would make fun of other artists, and that really came back to hurt me in the end.”

He went on to say, “But at least on Instagram, I just try to be silly, because I don’t really want to take selfies all day long and show off how cool I am. Every day, I’m learning how to use my Instagram, to be honest.”

The new hairstyle comes amid dating rumors involving Diplo and Tinx

It’s not clear what effect Diplo’s new hairstyle will have on his rumored romantic partners. In February 2022, TikTok superstar Christina Najjar, aka Tinx, downplayed the rumors that she is dating Diplo. According to E! Tinx didn’t mention any names, but said that she was going to keep her dating life more personal, although she did concede that she felt Diplo is a “very handsome man.”

Tinx might have a bit of competition if she did decide that Diplo was the man for her after the DJ was spotted on a Miami beach with YouTuber Chantel Jeffries.

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