Did Richard Simmons wear a headband in Sweatin’ to the Oldies?

Richard Simmons on the carpet
A new Richard Simmons debate has Twitter in a headlock. Pic credit: © Brooks/AdMedia

Richard Simmons has been trending quite a bit lately as the reclusive fitness guru turned 75 this year.

Now, there is a debate raging on Twitter (or should we call it X now?) about whether Richard wore a headband while he was working out in the infamous Sweatin’ to the Oldies videos.

Many fans of the famed workout fanatic are going back and forth about whether he wore the stretchy headgear or not.

And to be honest, I’m pretty sure without doing any research that he did wear one, which now makes me wonder if this is accurate or another example of the ever-popular Mandela Effect, where a large group would swear one thing happened when, in reality, it did not.

The sweatband controversy is pretty trivial considering all that is going on, but now, we must know, so here we go to deep dive into some old workout tapes to see what we’ll find.

Keep reading to find out if Richard Simmons wore a headband or if we’re just dreaming this up.

Here’s what Richard Simmons wore for Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Headband or no headband? That is the question.

One Twitter user asked, “Headband or no headband, which do you remember?” while another asked people to answer without looking it up.

Overwhelmingly, many said, “Yes!” In fact, an overwhelming number of responses claimed that Richard definitely wore a headband, and they can all remember it. But are they right?

Tweets about Richard Simmons
Pic credit: @auntcinnamon/Twitter

It’s doubtful that many people still have Richard Simmons‘ Sweatin’ to the Oldies tapes on VHS for this deep dive. In fact, even if we had them, who even owns a VCR anymore?

Thankfully, there’s an official Richard Simmons YouTube channel, which means that not only can we do this very important research, but we can also get our sweat on with Richard, just like the good old days.

What we found is that Richard did not wear a headband in any of the videos we watched for research purposes (and there were several videos checked for this purpose.) Instead, we reminisced while watching Richard move his body in tank tops and tiny shorts.

That seemed to be his uniform of choice, along with white gym socks, sneakers, and that incredible permed hair that completed his iconic look.

Where is Richard Simmons now?

Richard Simmons just turned 75 years old and has been enjoying his retirement, but many fans have been worried about him.

That’s likely because Richard packed it all up in 2014 and began living a life of solitude without any warning or explanation.

He just stopped showing up to his Beverly Hills workout studio and hasn’t been seen in public since. It was later reported that Richard was having issues with one of his knees, which is the reason he stopped coming to the studio.

In the time since, he’s only been heard from a handful of times, including last year when he responded to the New York Post following a documentary about his life called TMZ Investigates: What Really Happened To Richard Simmons?

Speaking via his rep, Tom Estey, Richard Simmons let his fans know that he is “eternally grateful for the continuous outpouring of love and gratitude he has received from across the Globe. He is happy, healthy and living the life he has chosen to live.”

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1 month ago

Richard Simmons did in fact wear headbands in his workouts back in the day, either that or I am going senile, and, I am NOT going senile, yet!!