Fitness queen Jen Selter in bikini enjoys sunset

Fitness queen Jen Selter in bikini enjoys sunset
Fitness queen Jen Selter enjoys the sunset with a delightful outfit change that highlights her figure. Pic credit: @jenselter/Instagram

Jen Selter reminded fans how she got the title of “fitness queen” with a recent post.

The influencer took to social media to share a video and a message with fans.

Jen treated her fans to two looks: A white bikini and a skintight white dress. Jen posed with an arched back, showing how beautifully each piece fit her famous physique.

Jen posted a clip for her 13.5 million Instagram followers, showing her striking a pose in skimpy attire.

Jen chose for her background music the ever-popular Lady Gaga remix to Bloody Mary, which has been making the rounds in viral videos recently. That song, Dance Dance Dance With My Hands Hands Hands, served as the perfect backdrop as she snapped her fingers for an outfit change with a snap.

The clip started with a smiling Jen posing outdoors wearing a white bikini.

Jen Selter stuns in white bikini and dress

Jen looked casual yet stunning in the white two-piece with her brown locks in a low bun. Jen began with her hands up, giving peace signs and showing her light blue manicure before she snapped and had an outfit change.

After Jen snapped, she stood in the same spot but had an entirely new ensemble. Her hair was also flowing because she had removed it from the bun.

The beautiful trainer wore a dress that looked custom-made for her toned figure. 

Jen carried a light brown patent leather Chanel bag as she struck a pose in a white dress. The curve-hugging gown had an open back with a halterneck and a midi hem. The garment also had a cutout on each side which became more visible as she turned toward the sky for a sunset pose.

She paired the skintight gown with strappy, studded stilettos, perfectly matching her Chanel bag.

Jen’s caption read, “There’s no room for unsupportive friends, family, or fake love in 2023 ??.”

As Jen revealed her attitude going into 2023, she still had lucrative business ventures in 2022 that she might take with her.

Jen Selter works out on Fitplan app

One business venture involves her work with Fitplan.

Like Yanet Garcia, Jen has served as a trainer on the app, with workouts focusing on the glutes.

For a $50 annual fee, Fitplan users can get unlimited training videos with their favorite celebs like Jen and Yanet.

In a recent fitness-oriented post, Jen encouraged followers to take an individual approach and not compare progress with others.

Jen wrote, “A reminder to never compare your fitness journey to others. The important thing is that you’ve taken time out of the day to be there for you, which is an accomplishment in itself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing around you.”

It would be safe to assume that 2023 holds more motivation and steamy content from the fitness guru.

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