Did Jay-Z set up a trust fund for Nipsey Hussle’s kids? It appears to be a fake story

Nipsey Hussle Jay Z
Jay-Z and Nipsey Hussle greeting each other at a Puma event in January. Pic credit: Nipsey Hussle/Instagram.

An unconfirmed report claiming Roc Nation mogul Jay-Z set up a $15 million dollar trust fund for Nipsey Hussle’s children appears to be fake news.

Many celebrities and fans are mourning the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was shot dead outside of his Marathon clothing store near Hyde Park in Crenshaw.

Amid the outpouring of grief, many conspiracy theories surrounding Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death spread on social media. One major story was the conspiracy that the government assassinated Hussle over a Dr. Sebi documentary.

In 2013, a young Nipsey Hussle showed his entrepreneurial flair by selling his mixtape while other Hip-Hop artists were putting mixtapes out for free. An impressed Jay-Z bought 100 copies of Hussle’s “Crenshaw” mixtape at $100 each for a total of $10,000.

Hussle’s unconventional marketing generated headlines for his mixtape and a co-sign from rap royalty. This ongoing connection between Hussle and Jay-Z likely led to the hoax story about a trust fund for his children.

South Africa’s Times Live reports the fake news story originated on a Hip-Hop blog looking to generate traffic following Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death.

Jay-Z’s wife Beyoncé shared her condolences to Hussle’s family following the news about the 33-year-old’s murder.

The singer posted a childhood photo of Hussle with the following caption: “I’m praying with every ounce of my heart for your family. Rest In Peace, Nipsey.”

Here are some of the Twitter reactions to the Jay-Z trust fund story.

Neither Jay-Z nor Roc Nation has released an official statement on the story. Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer is in police custody.


Hussle’s Grammy-nominated debut album Victory Lap climbed back up the Billboard charts as fans celebrate his life and legacy.

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