Demi Lovato shares pregnant ‘baby bump’ photo teasing guest-starring role on Will and Grace

Demi Lovato and photo of her pretending to be pregnant
Singer Demi Lovato sported a fake baby bump for her Will & Grace role. Pic credit: ©

Demi Lovato has stunned fans after sharing a photo of herself sporting a baby bump — but all is not quite as it seems!

Followers of the singer were shocked to see her in an Instagram post cradling her belly as if she was expecting. But the bump was actually just a prop, created for her guest-starring role on Will & Grace.

The post comes a week after Demi revealed she has a new man in her life, posting a photo that made her relationship with new boyfriend Austin Wilson Instagram official.

She was certainly not looking pregnant in the post announcing her new beau, with the singer even slightly baring her abs in the photo of Austin kissing her on the cheek.

So it wasn’t a surprise that social media went into a frenzy when Demi shared a picture on Wednesday of her cradling the apparent baby bump. The shockwaves didn’t last long, though. Social media sleuths were quick to point out reasons why Demi is not expecting.

The first clue is the hashtag in her caption, which referenced Will & Grace, as well as the name of her character on the NBC comedy. Her costar, Sean Hayes, wasted no time commenting on the post writing “You look so dang cute in polka dots!”

In August, Demi announced she would be joining the final season of Will & Grace. Very little has been revealed about her character Jenny. Based on recent storylines on the sitcom and Demi sporting a fake bump, she just might be the woman that helps Will become a father.

Will was looking for a surrogate in a recent episode. Perhaps Jenny is either his surrogate or a woman whose baby he is adopting. Dates for Demi’s appearance on the comedy have not been released. She will reportedly guest star on multiple episodes.


It has been two years since Demi Lovato’s last album and fans are itching for her next one. The singer has vaguely referenced working on new music several times on social media this year. She has not given any concrete information regarding the release of her next album.

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