Daniel Craig building sweetest bond with daughter over Star Wars

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig bonds with his daughter over Star Wars. Pic credit: ©

Daniel Craig has built an impressive resume in Hollywood over the years.

Arguably best known for his roles in the James Bond franchise, including the blockbusters Skyfall and No Time to Die, Daniel Craig is a highly recognizable star in his own right.

In addition to acting, Daniel’s time is also filled with his family and personal life.

Daniel is married to actress Rachel Weisz, and together the pair share one daughter, Grace, who was born in 2018.

Rachel and David also each have one child from previous relationships. Rachel shares a son, Henry, with famed director Darren Aronofsky, and Daniel is father to Ella, 31, from his previous marriage to actress Fiona Loudon.

Though the couple is fiercely private about their lives, Rachel recently opened up about how Daniel bonds with their daughter.

Rachel Weisz says her husband, Daniel Craig bonds with their daughter over Star Wars

Rachel sat down for an interview with Stephen Colbert during a recent taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for her new show Dead Ringers.

While speaking with the host, Rachel admitted that her daughter has become all but “obsessed” with the Star Wars franchise since watching it with her dad, Daniel.

“It was like a father-daughter bonding experience, and they started on the original ones,” she gushed. “I’m not that deep into it, but my daughter got obsessed. She kept saying, ‘Google this. Google this: What does Darth Vader look like under his mask?'”

Rachel continued to say that Grace loves the “mythology” of the franchise and that for her daughter, the characters are “so real.”

As it turns out, Grace’s love for the Star Wars franchise became so overwhelming that her parents had to tell a little white lie just to give themselves a break.

After watching and re-watching Star Wars several times, Rachel confessed that Daniel eventually told their daughter that the series was “broken,” so they could no longer watch it.

According to the Mummy actress, the family was in London when she was approached by the youngster and informed that Daniel had told her that her favorite movies were no longer available to her.

And when they returned to New York, Grace reportedly questioned if the films were still broken.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s broken,” Rachel teased.

Rachel Weisz admits she doesn’t know the Star Wars franchise

In the same interview, it was revealed that Rachel knows very little about Star Wars, and Stephen Colbert wasn’t about to let her off the hook.

Once Rachel admitted she didn’t know the first film was entitled Star Wars, Stephen proceeded to quiz her about the films.

“What is the thing they’re trying to destroy in the movie?” the popular late-night host asked before instructing the audience not to give her the answer.

Hilariously, Rachel answered, “Darth Vader?”

From there, further hilarity ensued, though Rachel wasn’t completely hopeless. When asked what the “spiritual thing” was that characters used throughout the films, she correctly responded, “The Force.”

“Thank you!” Stephen joked.

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