Dame Esther Rantzen is self-isolating with daughter Emily: Advises the over 70s how to pass the time

Dame Esther Rantzen on the red carpet
Dame Esther Rantzen is self-isolating with her daughter Emily. Pic credit: © Landmark-Media

Dame Esther Rantzen told the Britsh morning show This Morning by video link from her home that she is now self-isolating. The 79-year-old television presenter said she is not suffering from any of the virus’s symptoms, but because of her advanced age, she is considered to be in a high-risk category to get COVID-19.

In a video link, Rantzen explains how she prepared for self-isolation while also giving great advice about how those in her age group may want to pass the time for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

The veteran British broadcaster is holed up with her eldest daughter Emily, 42, who has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and is also considered at risk due to her condition.

Rantzen revealed that she had been booked on a cruise during this time but she ultimately canceled the trip.

“… what happened was I decided it would be inappropriate to find myself locked away from my family and friends if something happened on the ship,” she stated.

Asked if she was staying with anyone during her self-isolation, she remarked, “I’ve got my daughter with me because she has health problems, she has ME. I think some of us are getting that Second World War feeling.”

Rantzen performed “dawn raid” on local grocers

Rantzen explained that she prepared for her current situation by performing “a dawn raid on [her] local grocers and only bought what [she] will actually eat for two weeks.”

In the video, she maintained high spirits, joking, “As you say there was no toilet roll, what are people doing? Making palaces out of toilet roll?”

Esther Rantzen tells the over 70s to write their “life story”

She had a fascinating piece of advice for people over 70 years of age: She suggested that they write their “life story.”

“If you’re in your 70s, I am sure that your family would love to know the story of your life which you have always wanted to write down but never quite got round to it,” Esther said.

‘Now you’re in lockdown, find a pen and paper or a typewriter, or a computer, start from the year of your birth and write all the things you’ve learned, all the fun you’ve had, all the jokes you’ve had, all the love stories that you’ve never quite dared tell anybody, but you’re prepared to confide to a piece of paper.

‘So, when we come out, be it four months or six months or whenever it is, you can say to your family, ‘Look, this is what you never knew about me!'”

Finally, Rantzen encouraged famous choirmaster Gareth Malone to organize a choir via Skype so the elderly are able to come together and perform while they’re in self-isolation.

This is an idea that certain celebrity musicians have already considered. Yesterday, Coldplay’s Chris Martin performed a solo at-home concert for fans on Instagram, and John Legend is planning to do the same for his fans today (Tuesday).

Esther Rantzen isn’t the only older TV personality who decided to self-isolate.  The View’s Joy Behar announced last week during the ABC show that she would remain at home for the foreseeable future as a precaution against coronavirus.

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d donworth
d donworth
4 years ago

The biggest problem is that over 80 don’t have that time to waste ! I have kept busy so far by cooking, and baking, but how long will that last. Suffer from PTSD. and depression. so its going to be tough.