Conald ‘Fedsmoker’ Petersen reportedly dead

Conald Eugene Petersen death
Internet personality Conald Eugene Petersen is reportedly dead. Pic credit: River Daves Place/YouTube.

Conald Eugene Petersen, also known as Fedsmoker, is dead, according to several reports.

Petersen was an internet personality with a criminal history. He is better known as Fedsmoker but went by many names and YouTube accounts such as Herky Petersen or Fed Smoker.

Petersen has used numerous YouTube accounts over the years and developed a cult following for his outlaw videos in which he confronted law enforcement and for his reported drug use.

There are several unconfirmed reports that Petersen has died. A photo has been shared featuring Petersen’s recognizable car from his YouTube videos and what appears to be a dead body lying next to the vehicle. Several users claim to recognize his tattoos in the photo of what appears to be a deceased male.

A description of the crime scene on the River Daves Place forum appears to describe a fatal car crash. However, it is unclear how the person died.

“Crazy deal on the 95 today around 2:30 near the Cat Tail turnoff. Looked like a dead body covered on the ground on the shoulder and two cars pulled over. The trooper was stringing crime tape around it all. One car kind of a junker with spray-painted writing or “art” all over it, on the ground next to the driver’s door, was a yellow tarp covering what may have been a person. The other vehicle involved an older minivan.”

Monsters & Critics has been unable to independently verify whether Conald Petersen has died.

Who is Conald Petersen AKA FedSmoker?

Conald Eugene Petersen is known for his YouTube videos detailing his meth drug use, confronting cops and other forms of reckless behavior.

While most of his videos have been taken down or have modest views, he garnered internet fame after his videos were shared on a popular podcast called Your Mom’s House. The podcast is hosted by married comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky.

Conald Petersen, 53 and has a long criminal rap sheet, which includes an aggravated battery attempt, disorderly conduct. A 2017 petition to have Petersen extradited, states that he has children; however, not much is known about Petersen life apart from his YouTube videos.

A petition asks that Petersen be extradited back to Adams County, Nebraska, where he reportedly has warrants. It charges that Conald Peterson “uses Youtube to harass, humiliate, and destroy American lives. He causes people to live in fear and has involved innocent women and children in his ‘agenda.'”

The Petition description also alleges some criminal behavior committed by Petersen.

“Conald Petersen has a criminal history and is potentially violent. He has previous disorderly conduct and assault charges in numerous states, and who knows what else he that has done we don’t know about.”

There have been no reports confirming Petersen’s death. However, there have been many tributes on social media.

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