Coco Austin blasted for putting 6-year-old daughter Chanel in a stroller

Coco Austin and Ice T on the red carpet
Coco Austin has faced backlash for putting her 6-year-old daughter in a stroller while shopping. Pic credit: ©

Coco Austin has been called out for “babying” her 6-year-old daughter after posting a photo of her in a stroller.

The 43-year-old model and wife of rapper Ice T shared a recent photo with her Instagram followers while on a trip to the Bahamas. The mirror selfie showed the couple, along with their daughter Chanel, posing in one of the Atlantis Bahamas shops.

Coco Austin’s photo showed daughter Chanel sitting in a stroller

While shopping, the family stopped to pose for a quick photo that showed their 6-year-old daughter sitting in a baby stroller – unamused with her legs crossed and her head resting in her hand.

The photo had followers quick to comment on the fact that they believed Chanel was far too old to be still pushed around in a stroller.

“A stroll through the @atlantisbahamas shops… Chanel is so over it unless theres something cool to see.. Her face transitions instantly,” Chanel wrote in the caption.

Coco’s immediate backlash for putting Chanel in a stroller

When it comes to the opinions of her followers, fans of the model and her family were not shy to show how much they believed she “babies” her daughter. In the Instagram comment section alone, most replies centered around the fact that Chanel was too old to be in a stroller.

“I know she may be your last baby but you have to let her grow up. If anything a wagon is more her age! I have a 6 year old smaller than her and she hasn’t been in a stroller in years. I would hate for your sweet baby to get bullied or something,” one user wrote.

comment on Coco's photo
Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Another user inquired, “Isn’t she like 6 years old! Should she be out of a stroller by now?!”

Comment on Coco's mirror selfie
Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

User @ms_trish_ replied similarly, “A stroller really? Let that girl grow up.”

Comment on Coco's photo
Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Some users even took their concerns to Twitter as well. “Somebody tell Coco Austin that Chanel is 6 years old. Get that overgrown child out of that stroller ma’am, and let her walk,” @MagentaClover tweeted.

Tweet about Coco's daughter in a stroller
Pic credit: @MagentaClover/Twitter

Some fans even chimed in to mention the fact that Coco Austin may still be breastfeeding her daughter as well. “I’m just curious as to why she is still in a stroller and breastfeeding at six years old?”

Comment on Coco's Instagram
Pic credit: @coco/Instagram

Last year, the model shared a photo with Chanel resting on her chest that caused an uproar of speculations regarding breastfeeding in her comment section. Although Coco did not particularly say that she still breastfeeds Chanel, fans interpreted the photo and caption as such and voiced their concerns about “babying” her.

“Who’s kids also hang on the boob like Chanel? I feel forever bonded with this child,” she wrote.

Although some followers did write back in defense of Coco’s parenting style, it’s clear many of her fans are still curious to know Coco’s reasoning behind some of her choices regarding Chanel.

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1 year ago

Didn’t I read where she still breast feeds?