Cindy Crawford shared a throwback pic of herself wearing the exact same dress as Dua Lipa at the GRAMMYs

Dua Lipa
Cindy Crawford shared a throwback pic of her wearing the same dress Dua Lipa wore at the GRAMMYs. Pic credit: ©

Fashion changes all the time, but some looks are timeless.

Dua Lipa showed up at the 2022 Grammy Awards wearing a dress that the red carpet saw 30 years ago, back in 1992. Model and actress Cindy Crawford initially wore the dress.

There’s a trope surrounding people who wear the same outfit as someone else, and it’s usually seen as a bad thing, but not this time. Cindy seemed thrilled to see Dua Lipa in the same dress she wore years ago.

The iconic bondage Versace dress was not only worn by these two stars, but model and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Helena Christensen wore the same dress in 1992 as well.

As far as the timeless look goes, Cindy took it upon herself to share a photo from when she wore the dress along with a shot of Dua Lipa in the Versace ensemble.

Cindy Crawford shares throwback pic wearing iconic Versace bondage dress and Dua Lipa’s photo side by side

Cindy’s Instagram post featured two photos, the first showing her wearing the dress at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1992 and the next photo showing Dua Lipa in the dress on Sunday night. 

She captioned the post, “Then and now ? Timelss @versace @dualipa,” showing her love for the iconic look. 

Cindy wasn’t the only person to point out the outfit, as a Twitter user shared photos of the outfit as well. The user noted that Dua Lipa was wearing the “vintage [Gianna Versace] fw1992” dress, the same that Helena Christensen wore on the Fall/Winter catwalk. 

However, Dua Lipa did pair the dress with some heavy gold jewelry and gold nail polish. On one wrist, she had a large and intricate gold chain bracelet, and she wore a large gold necklace that sat high on her neck. The necklace featured large chains and dangles, looking like a rather heavy piece of jewelry. 

Along with the iconic dress, Dua Lipa revealed that her hair was back to blonde at the awards show. Her pin-straight hair has been dark for a long time, including right up to the GRAMMYs.

It’s unclear whether she was wearing a wig or had her hair styled, but she shared several photos featuring the blonde hair, perhaps implying that it’s here to stay– for now.

Along with her new hairdo, Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion recreated an iconic moment on stage: the famous moment when Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey wore the same dress.

Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion recreate iconic Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey moment

Both Megan and Dua Lipa walked on stage wearing the same black Versace dress and chunky gold jewelry in a planned skit. 

Megan joked, “Not you stealing my look,” to which Dua Lipa replied, “I was told I had the exclusive. I’m going to have to have a talk with Donatella.” 

Donatella Versace then walked onto the stage and removed parts of both girls’ skirts to reveal the final look. 

The moment was a play on the 1998 Video Music Awards when Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston lightened their alleged rivalry by wearing the same Vera Wang dress. 

As it was this year, the 1998 same-dress moment was part of a planned skit between the two women. 

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