Helena Christensen is ageless in pale pink lingerie, former Victoria’s Secret angel is still serving up looks

Helena Christensen and Kipling X launch their collaborative bag collection held at Beach Blanket Babylon London 2013
Helena Christensen stuns fans wearing only lingerie in her latest Instagram post. Pic credit: ©

Helena Christensen knows no bounds when it comes to modeling sexy looks — even at the age of 53.

Although she isn’t a Victoria’s Secret angel anymore, she’s still modeling lingerie and swimsuits just as well as she did in her younger years, even including some pieces from Victoria’s Secret.

Christensen broke the internet with her most recent Instagram post where she posed in pale pink lingerie with a matching dusty pink background.

Helena Christensen stuns in lingerie

The first photo Christensen shared in her post is a photo of herself from the thighs up. She has an almost flirty smirk as she looks off to the side while her hair appears to be blowing to the side as well.

She’s wearing what appears to be Victoria’s Secret’s Wicked Unlined Balconette Teddy in a pink or blush color. The lingerie shows off her incredible physique and even gives fans a peek at the tan lines around her bikini line.

Her second photo is taken from the side. Though her thick hair almost covers her face, her expression still shows a smile as she looks down. Her arms are back as her hands rest on her lower back, giving fans a full view of her figure.

The last shot in her post is what many would consider a classic model’s pose. She faces the camera with a cool expression, her hair is fanned to the side and she’s leaning slightly into her pose.

The only caption the model provided was an emoji of a flamingo, perhaps to represent the pink used in her photos. She even wore pink lipstick to go with the pink lingerie and background.

This isn’t the first time this year alone that Christensen has shocked fans with her youthful appearance. In January, she wowed fans in a swimsuit as she was filmed swimming in icy cold water.

Despite her current photoshoots, Helena Christensen posts a lot of her modeling work from her youth on her Instagram page. Recently, she paid tribute to Manfred Thierry Mugler by posting a set of photos where she was wearing Mugler’s designs.

Helena Christensen shares photos from youth in remembrance of Manfred Thierry Mugler

In light of Mugler’s passing, Christensen made an Instagram post featuring some of the costume designer’s work. 

She wrote, “Wearing your creations and walking down the catwalk made me feel as if I was in an alternate universe and I am forever grateful to you, Thierry for those incredible and surreal experiences ? You took fashion to a whole other magical realm ? ?”

Her post includes many photos of herself when she was younger in varying outfits that were said to be created by Mugler. Despite the sad news of his passing, fans were happy to walk down memory lane and look at Helena Christensen’s photos from when she was younger.

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