Cindy Crawford, 56, in makeup free selfie shows off ‘summer skin’

Cindy Crawford at ELLE event in Hollywood
Cindy Crawford showed off her ageless skin with her latest social media selfie. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Cindy Crawford isn’t shy when it comes to showing off her summer solstice skin.

The supermodel, 56, shared a new photo with her Instagram followers that had fans in awe of how she manages to stay looking so young for her age.

Cindy Crawford posted a makeup-free selfie to celebrate summer

On the longest day of the year, Crawford uploaded a close-up of herself out in nature while subtly smiling directly at the camera.

The photo showed the model rocking her natural, wavy hair underneath a flat-brimmed summer hat.

“Summer skin,” she wrote in the caption to show off her glowing and makeup-free complexion as she basked in the sun.

The photo was a joint post in collaboration with her long-time beauty line, Meaningful Beauty.

Meaningful Beauty, Crawford’s beauty brand with Jean-Louis Sebagh, was launched back in 2005. From lengthy infomercials to a new additional line of haircare products, the brand has grown and developed with the times since its original debut.

The company’s skincare and haircare products are powered by “melon leaf stem cell technology,” which the brand promotes as a vehicle for building radiance, resilience, and strength.

Meaningful Beauty is currently offering a deal for its 5-piece “summer skin” set, where consumers can “be their best selves this summer” – much like Crawford in her makeup-free selfie.

Followers commend Crawford on her glowing skin at age 56

After rising to fame as one of the top supermodels in the 80s and 90s, it’s no wonder fans have jumped to Crawford’s comment section to tell her how radiant she still looks and how inspirational she is to those in a similar age demographic.

“You’re a great role model for women our age to look natural and healthy,” one fan wrote.

Comment on Cindy's selfie
Pic credit: @cindycrawford/Instagram

“Still [glowing] after all those years!” Another fan wrote. “True beauty shows on the outside but surely from the inside.”

Comment on Cindy's post
Pic credit: @cindycrawford/Instagram

Another fan chimed in to let Crawford know she has been an inspiration to them since they were young. “Cindy, you look great. I’ve admired you since childhood, it’s been thirty years, though. I identify you with the standard of female beauty,” user @andrey_is_a_earthling commented.

Comment on Cindy's post
Pic credit: @cindycrawford/Instagram

And, of course, some people put it plainly – telling Crawford she is their all-time favorite model.

Comment on Cindy's selfie
Pic credit: @cindycrawford/Instagram

When it comes to showing off her glowing skin, lengthy paid programming segments are no longer needed for Cindy Crawford – just a simple, makeup-free Instagram selfie has proven to do the trick.

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