Chrissy Metz’s Oscars 2020 performance: Watch the live video of This Is Us star singing I’m Standing With You

Chrissy Metz gave an outstanding performance at 2020 Oscars.
This Is Us star Chrissy Metz’s performance at the Academy Awards was off pure emotion. Pic credit: ABC

Chrissy Metz 2020 Oscar performance left those watching the 92nd Academy Awards breathless. The This Is Us star made her musical debut at the Dolby Theatre with an emotional rendition of the song I’m Standing With You.

Legendary songwriter Diane Warren penned the song, featured on the Breakthrough movie soundtrack. Chrissy not only sings the song on the soundtrack, but she also made headlines for her outstanding performance in the flick.

Chrissy 2020 Academy Awards performance

The theatre was silent as Chrissy and a live choir performed, I’m Standing With You, which is nominated for Original Song. She hit it out of the park, not missing a beat. If Chrissy was nervous, it did not show at all when she was on stage.

It is hard to watch the live video of Chrissy Metz’s 2020 Oscar performance and not be moved. She sounded amazing and having a choir accompany Chrissy was a brilliant move because it added more emotion to the song.

Applause erupted the moment Chrissy stopped singing, and right after, she gave a shout out to her mom. The NBC starlet told her mom she loved her before the lights dimmed on stage, and the camera panned to get the audience’s reaction.

Songwriter Diane Warren talks Chrissy

On the red carpet, songwriter Diane Warren admitted to E! News that she did not want Chrissy to sing the Oscar-nominated song. She revealed the This Is Us star was not her first choice to sing on the Breakthrough soundtrack at all much less for I’m Standing With You.

Diane changed her tune after hearing Chrissy sing and knew the actress was the one to sing the original song.

“I was blown away. I didn’t want her originally for the song. I wanted a more established artist. I didn’t realize she could sing. She went in my studio, I said, ‘Alright, I’ll come back in a few hours.’ And when I heard her on the song, I was just blown away. Just totally blown away. She was amazing,” the song-writer explained.

Chrissy may not have been Diane’s first choice, but based on her reaction to Chrissy’s Oscars performance, the actress was the right choice. The camera panned to Diane once Chrissy finished the song, and Diane was moved to tears.

There is no question that Chrissy Metz gave an emotional performance at the 2020 Oscars. Even her choice of a dark gown fit in perfectly with the powerful, yet somber rendition of I’m Standing With You.

She walked the red carpet in a gorgeous bright red dress, so changing was a clear decision to set mood Chrissy wanted to give off on stage.

What did you think of the This Is Us star’s Academy Award performance?

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