Chris Evans ACE Conversation highlights: Little Shop of Horrors, Dodger, rollerblading and more

Chris Evans
Chris Evans recently participated in a virtual Q&A for ACE Comic-Con. Pic credit: ©

It was recently announced that actor Chris Evans had signed up to do a virtual Q&A for ACE Comic-Con alongside his brother, actor, and comedian Scott Evans. The event took place on March 23 and was hosted by Marvel producer and host Angelique Roche

The conversation was buzzing, and the trio appeared to have a great time! During the interview, questions devised by Roche were asked, along with fan questions submitted through social media. They discussed everything from Chris Evans’ Marvel costars to his little-known rollerblading skills. 

Fans had a great time watching the highly-anticipated event and were pleased to see their questions chosen — as Roche stated that many of the fan-submitted questions she chose were ones that “fans would kill her” if she didn’t ask.

The filmed conversation gave Chris Evans fans a great insight into his personal life. He answered questions about his cherished dog, Dodger, and his upcoming projects— including Little Shop of Horrors and Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear movie.

Here are 10 highlights from ACE Universe Presents: A Conversation with Chris Evans and Scott Evans.

1. Chris Evans impressed fans with his floral shirt 

At the beginning of the epic conversation, the first thing fans saw was Chris Evans appearing in a black-and-white, short-sleeved floral top. Elegantly expressed by a trending tweet, one fan wrote, “Chris Evans in floral shirt with the tattoos peeking and the chain? This is what heaven looks like.” 

His look has been making waves across social media, and many have posted clips and gifs of the Captain America actor, praising his fashion choice. 

2. Chris and Scott Evans watched the Care Bears movies in Quarantine 

Interviewer Roche had asked the Evans brothers about their time spent together in quarantine. It’s well-known that the two have a close relationship and have recently been spending a lot of time together — it was photographed at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak that Chris Evans had helped his brother move out of his apartment in Los Angeles.

Scott Evans shared that the two played Mario Kart everyday and created a list of movies they haven’t seen in a while. While the brothers had a great time discussing the list and joking about which movies they hadn’t yet revisited, Chris Evans shared, “Care Bears — we knocked those movies out!” 

3. Scott Evans joked about growing a beard to emulate his older brother 

The close bond between the two brothers was addressed multiple times through the conversation as they would construct their answers together and finish each other’s sentences. Roche mentioned their resemblance in a passing joke about how they both are donning mustaches. 

She mentioned that Scott Evans needed to grow a beard to fully complete the Chris Evans-inspired look.

4. Never-been-seen Scare Wars videos exist on Chris Evans’ phone

Throughout quarantine, Chris and Scott Evans have been participating in a very-public Scare Wars competition. Shared through social media stories, the two have been taking opportunities to mischievously sneak up on one another and film each other’s surprised reactions. 

Not only did Chris Evans share that he has some videos on his phone that have never been posted (“they weren’t good enough”), but he also stated that he “loves” being scared. The elder Evans said, “I love scaring people and I kind of love to be scared,” Roche stepped in to clarify to fans that his comment “was not an invitation [to scare him].”

5. The Evans pup, Dodger, is currently healing 

Although Chris Evans’ dog Dodger didn’t make an appearance at the event, fans were reassured that he is “doing really well.” Recently, Dodger had to undergo his second hip surgery, but Chris Evans said, “Two days after surgery, this guy was bouncing off the walls” and shared that the pup has been recovering quicker than he did after his first surgery.

A few weeks ago, Chris Evans posted a couple of images of Dodger in recovery onto his Instagram and wrote, “Hip replacement #2 completed! Such a trooper. He’ll be back in action in no time.”

6. Chris Evans hasn’t seen WandaVision 

Chris Evans dropped a huge bomb in this Q&A. He revealed that he has not yet seen Disney Plus’s WandaVision series — although his brother has. The Captain America actor was asked if he has given the Falcon and the Winter Soldier actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian ‘Seb’ Stan any “words of wisdom.” 

In response, Chris Evans said “not really” and went on to praise his past co-stars. He shared, “It would’ve felt a little pretentious to try to pass down wisdom.” This led him to say “Marvel knows what it’s doing” and he complimented Marvel Studios’ recent move into “the streaming world.”

7. Little Shop of Horrors — Is it happening? 

Since passing the Captain America mantle over to his Marvel cohorts, Chris Evans has signed on to star in numerous projects — one of which is playing the sadistic dentist Orin in the Little Shop of Horrors remake. 

Although many details about the remake haven’t been shared, Evans stated that he’s “over the moon” about the role. He expressed that the musical had “hit the breaks” for a while when the coronavirus pandemic first started. He has been in consistent conversation with the movie’s director but he described it as being “a bit of a standstill.” 

As a last note, he gave his fans a directive and encouraged them to tweet about the upcoming movie and generate conversation, as it might help it in production.

8. Evans Friday night Karaoke is a thing 

While the two brothers have been bonding with one another in quarantine, they have been partaking in tons of Friday night karaoke. Both coming from a theater background, Scott Evans shared that the two have riffed it out, singing the song Agony from the musical Into the Woods during karaoke nights.

Learned during this segment is that Scott Evans’ go-to artist for karaoke is George Michael and Chris Evans prefers to sing “cheesy” songs (he mentioned James Taylor).

9. Chris Evans shares that he would’ve liked to play Iron Man 

During an interesting segment of the interview, Chris Evans was asked which Marvel character he’d like a play — other than Captain America. Joking, he mentioned that he would like to play Iron Man because “the paychecks would be nice.” 

Elaborating, he shared that he doesn’t think anybody will be able to replace Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. and that the Iron Man role isn’t going to be one that’s easily recast in the future. He expressed, “I don’t think there’s anything anyone on this planet could do that would somehow improve upon what Downey’s done. […] He’s Iron Man, the end.”

Adding on, Scott Evans shared that if he could star in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he would like to play Black Widow or Scarlet Witch.

10. Chris Evans is a rollerblading champ

One of the greatest tidbits revealed through the ACE Universe conversation is that Chris Evans is a rollerblading champion. When he was asked by Roche if he is a good skater, he answered, “Uh, I’m amazing at rollerblading.” 

To his fan’s excitement, the actor was very passionate about discussing this hidden hobby of his— which is another thing he has in common with his brother, Scott. 

ACE Universe Presents: A Conversation with Chris Evans and Scott Evans can be viewed on the ACE Universe YouTube channel.

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