Chris Brown hosts designer yard sale at home drawing massive crowds [VIDEO]

Chris Brown ha designer yard sale.
Singer Chris Brown draws a massive crowd with a yard sale. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

Chris Brown hosted a designer yard sale. No, it is not a joke. The signer posted his home address on social media, letting fans know he was hosting a high-end yard sale.

In an Instagram post giving his followers his Tarzana home information, Brown revealed the sale was happening from 10 am to 7 pm. He also let those interested know all of his super expensive items would be significantly reduced at the sale.

TMZ was first to report the event caused massive crowds flooding the block. Fans wasted no time fighting to make their way to see items owned by the controversial singer.

Based on the Instagram story featuring several tents full of items on Brown’s property, there appears to be plenty for sale.

The Los Angeles Police Department caught wind of Brown’s latest publicity stunt and tried to shut it down. They were unsuccessful because the 30-year-old singer was not doing anything illegal.

Despite claims Brown needed special permits, his lawyer shot that claim down in a hot second. There is no law prohibiting him from selling his personal property in his yard.

People do it every day, and permits are not needed in Los Angeles. The cops did keep a presence at the yard sale just in case the crowd got rowdy, greedy, or out of control.

One eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight that Brown had private security at the event. It was also reported phones were not allowed inside the property. People were only given 10-15 minutes to search for items to buy.

Supreme, Bape, vintage Nike, Gucci, Versace, vintage Tommy Hilfiger are some of the items that Brown reportedly had for sale. Another attendee called the yard sale a “clothing dream” with “tons” of things up for grabs.

Cash and credit cards were accepted with no minimum or maximum spending amounts specified. There are even social media reports that Chris Brown’s mom was working one of the many cash registers.

Chris Brown held a yard sale, and it was epic. The crowd was massive, with fans flocking to buy items that generally cost $550 for $150. Video footage of the line outside the event, with fans geeking out over their purchases, has gone viral.

The Loyal singer has not yet updated his followers on the sale. Once the event is over, fans should expect him to post something about his first-ever yard sale. It is certainly gaining Brown a lot of attention.

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