Charli D’Amelio shares photos from Bahamas vacation after controversy over island trip

Charli D'Amelio
Dancing sensation Charli D’Amelio shared some pics from her trip to the Bahamas. Pic credit: @charlidamelio/Instagram

Charli D’Amelio has shared new pics from a trip to the Bahamas — and the dancing sensation looked summer ready.

Charli, 17, enjoyed the waves and sand with fellow influencer Madi Monroe during her island vacation.

It’s unclear whether the photos are from the social media star’s controversial Bahamas trip in December or if she went abroad a second time more recently.

Charli D’Amelio got in trouble for traveling during the height of COVID-19 in 2020

Charli got into some hot water with her fan base back in the 2020 holiday season after she and others reportedly traveled to the Bahamas during what was the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Things got rough after fans called Charli out, as well as her sister Dixie D’Amelio and other fellow influencers who joined them, claiming that they were being irresponsible by traveling when the pandemic was at its worst.

Charli was singled out primarily for what fans deemed as “hypocrisy,” given the star had previously shared a video message on TikTok in which she berated those who would put others’ health at risk by traveling unnecessarily and unsafely.

In the latest post, Charli shared a string of photos of her and Madi playing on the beach and in the sea, and also tagged Bryant who presumably took the photos. Both Madi and Bryant have also shared photos from the trip on their own Instagram accounts.

Charli is no stranger to controversy

No stranger to dealing with backlash, Charli previously received major criticism from fans after sharing a video in which she and her sister seemed to put on a rude and skeptical attitude towards chef Aaron May upon meeting him and seeing his food.

The sisters were not shy about expressing their disgust for the cuisine, sniffing at the dishes, picking at them to examine the meals, and even making gagging noises after smelling the food.

Fans were quick to respond, with almost one million followers leaving Charli’s accounts, a huge drop for one day.

Taking to Twitter, people shared their dismay at the D’Amelios behavior.

One user wrote, “I will never forgive everybody for making Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio famous. How rude of them.”

Pic credit: Twitter@IamNOTleah

Others took a softer approach, with one person writing, “Even though she sounds like a bratty teenager, she is still pretty young and has plenty of time to develop as a person.”

Pic credit: Twitter@FanaticSugar

Despite the bumps in the road, Charli maintained a solid following and seemed to regain some footing with fans.

She remains one of the most popular social media stars of our time.

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3 years ago

She’s fully vaccinated and you can travel now there is nothing wrong