Charli D’Amelio responds to Landon Barker cheating rumors

Charli D'Amelio and Landon Barker pose for selfies on their Instagram accounts.
Charli D’Amelio slammed rumors that claimed she was cheating on her boyfriend, Landon Barker. Pic credit: @charlidamelio/@landonsherbarker/Instagram

On Monday, Charli D’Amelio responded to and denied rumors that alleged that was cheating on her boyfriend Landon Barker. The speculations arose after photos spotted D’Amelio hanging out with a “mystery guy.”

The “mystery guy” was later confirmed to be a young man named Alex Novian. Cheating speculations began after D’Amelio was spotted attending a party of Seth MacFarlane’s with Novian.

Photos surfaced of the pair standing close together as they left MacFarlane’s party. In one photo the pair stood shoulder-to-shoulder in a crowded room.

In another photo, D’Amelio appeared to be showing something on her phone to Novian. D’Amelio was smiling down at her phone as Novian, holding a drink in his hand, leaned over to look at the screen.

Shortly after the photos were shared, D’Amelio clapped back against rumors that she was cheating on Barker. She commented on the photos, “I’m just standing next to someone calm down.”

The initial photo that was shared asked fans for help in identifying who D’Amelio was with and denied rumors that it was a cousin or other family member of D’Amelio.

Did Charli D’Amelio cheat on Landon Barker?

D’Amelio clearly denied any rumors or speculation about her cheating on Barker. After all, a photo of her standing next to, or hanging out with, someone is not proof of cheating.

However, The TeaTok Talk shared a few more posts questioning the situation. First, they acknowledged and shared D’Amelio’s comment to show that she publicly denied the cheating allegations.

The next day, TeaTok Talk posted a third photo of D’Amelio at the party. It was in this post that they alleged it was Novian in the picture with D’Amelio.

Additionally, this picture showed the two posing together for a photo. The two are seated in the photo, with one of Novian’s hands resting on D’Amelio’s waist and the other grasping her arm.

The two were all smiles as they posed for their photo and leaned their heads in together.

D’Amelio has not yet publicly responded to the second photo, and Barker has not commented on the allegations either.

D’Amelio’s and Barker’s relationship timeline

D’Amelio and Barker were first linked together in June of this year. News of their relationship broke when they were spotted leaving a concert of Barker’s together.

Throughout the rest of the month, speculations grew as they were spotted attending parties and even seemingly getting tattoos together. By the end of the month, insiders confirmed the pair were dating, and they were seen holding hands during a stroll in New York.

By July 18, D’Amelio officially confirmed the pair’s relationship as she gushed about him to Entertainment Tonight. While discussing their relationship she stated of him, “He’s just very sweet.”

Since then, the two have continued to share their support for one another openly. On October 9, D’Amelio shared a sweet montage of photos for Barker’s 19th birthday.

Several weeks ago, Barker supported D’Amelio while she was competing on Dancing with the Stars, penning a sweet Instagram post to express his pride in her.

The two have faced breakup rumors in the past but have confirmed as recently as December 5 that they were still very much together.

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