Charlamagne Tha God criticizes Julia Fox before defending Pete Davidson amid Kanye feud

Charlamagne julia fox
Charlamagne Tha God criticized Kanye for ‘harassing’ Kim Kardashian. Pic credit: Brilliant Idiots/YouTube

Charlamagne Tha God is tired of hearing Julia Fox speak about her whirlwind romance with Kanye West.

The presenter and radio host also defended Pete Davidson as the billionaire rapper, Kanye West, continues to beef with the comedian for dating his estranged wife.

The Uncut Gems actress recently spoke about her relationship with West, leading Charlamange to criticize some of her statements.

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On the other hand, Ye continues his unprovoked attacks on Pete Davidson through social media and diss records aimed at the SNL comedian.

Charlamagne puts Julia Fox on blast

On the Brilliant Idiots podcast, Charlamage said he had heard enough about Julia Fox and her relationship with the Stronger rapper.

The Breakfast Club co-host called out the actress for her vague response when the New York Times asked her whether their relationship was a publicity stunt.

“I definitely don’t care about that young lady,” Charlamagne said concerning Fox, continuing:

“I don’t even know why she continues to talk, and I didn’t even understand a statement I heard her say – one of the statements was, they asked her ‘Was the relationship real or a publicity stunt?’ and she said, ‘Some aspects of it were real.’ What does that even mean?!”

Brilliant Idiot’s guest host Taylor speculated that “maybe they found each other attractive? Maybe,” she said.

Charlemagne responded, continuing to criticize Julia for not giving a straight answer about her relationship with Kanye:

“I just feel like if people are asking you if it was real or a publicity stunt, it was either real or a publicity stunt… So what does that mean?”

“Probably they were still actually having sex,” Taylor speculated. “Because a publicity stunt doesn’t mean that you’re having sex.”

Charlamagne replied, ” I even hate talking about this sh*t because it feels like, you know, every time I talk about it, they use it like on the internet like a headline or something.”

Charlamagne defends Pete Davidson amid Kanye feud

The topic naturally turned to Pete Davidson and his feud with Kanye for dating Kim Kardashian. Charlemagne expressed his disdain for the headlines surrounding the trio and defended Pete Davidson’s character.

“Pete is really our friend,” Charlamagne shared. “We’ve known Pete since he was like 16… I’m saying this for people that don’t know – Pete Davidson started with us at Geico, you know, when we was doing Geico, I’ve known Pete like… 11 years now! He’s just a cool, quiet kid. He minds his business, he’s one of the first people that I can remember openly talking about going to therapy, you know what I’m saying?”

TrampLactus | Brilliant Idiots with Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz

In 2020, Pete Davidson appeared on Charlamagne’s YouTube series, where the pair had a candid conversation about mental health, his relationships with high-profile women, and addiction.

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