Cardi B reveals waist-length natural hair, secret growth hack using vegetable

cardi b
Cardi B is flaunting her long hair and sharing her secret to healthy hair and shine. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Cardi B is showing off her inches as the Bronx native proudly displayed her natural hair, which goes past her waist.

The Bodak Yellow rapper shared a photo of her long hair with her 140 million Instagram followers.

The picture featured Cardi with her long acrylic nails against a wall as she turned away from the camera and let her natural, voluminous hair flow.

She also posted a video of her sleek and shiny hair after her hair was blown out, and her dark tresses looked gorgeous.

Cardi appeared natural in front of a black SUV with a California state flag in the background. The bare-faced beauty posed under the sun and touched her lengthy locks, which were freshly straightened and shining, thanks to her home hair growth hack.

The WAP rapper revealed that she had a secret trick to hair growth, and it involved onion water. According to Cardi, she boils onions and uses the leftover water to wash her hair. She revealed that the onion water does not have an odor, contrary to what some may believe.

She wrote in the caption, “My last 2 washes I been boiling onions and using the water to wash my hair.I used to do this 6 years ago when I started my healthy hair growth journey.I stopped cause I got really lazy. Its odorless and I notice that it’s been giving a shine to my hair.”

Cardi has been leaning into her natural self, and that includes her body hair.

Cardi B shows her mustache with natural selfie

Cardi posted a selfie as she and her child lay on a bed. The Hot Ish rapper went makeup-free and remarked upon her natural appearance, including facial hair.

She wore a colorful blanket covering her chest and looked to the side in the self-taken picture.

Cardi tweeted, “Forehead foreheading ,Mustache mustaching.”

The simple selfie garnered more than 100k likes from fans enjoying the unfiltered photo.

Cardi B wants to buy a new home with husband Offset

Cardi recently revealed that she wanted to buy a new home, and took a picture inside the dream house to serve as a motivator.

Cardi smiled and posed in her dream home with her long, natural hair falling to her denim pants.

She wrote in the tweet, “Took a picture in this house I want to buy ….to remind myself to go harder …watch me get it.”

Behind her were the home’s amenities, including exposed wood, a fireplace, and granite walls.

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