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Cardi B goes unzipped to show six-pack abs

cardi b fashion
Cardi B is full of color in a white crop top and fuzzy hat for a rooftop fashion shoot. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Cardi B looked gorgeous in a low-key white crop top and denim look, which she elevated through accessories, including a brightly colored hat and shoes.

Cardi blessed her 140 million Instagram followers with the outfit of the day, and she received love for the share in the form of likes and comments.

Cardi went unbuttoned and unzipped as she folded over the top of her denim jeans to reveal a colorful tattoo.

She showed off her taut tummy and tiny waist in a white crop top while flashing her dangling belly button jewelry.

Cardi wore a fuzzy, rainbow-colored hat as she looked off into the distance with bright pink and orange skies behind her. The Love and Hip Hop alum posed on a roof with palm trees in the background of the impromptu photo shoot.

She sported hot pink Balenciaga x Crocs rain boots underneath her ripped denim.

Cardi B rocks colorful rooftop ensemble

Cardi rocked her signature long acrylic nails with pink tips. She completed the look with a massive white clutch.

The WAP rapper put on white-framed sunglasses for the shoot but later removed the eyewear to reveal a gorgeous face beat.

Cardi, whose birth name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, never hesitates to share an outfit post when she loves her look of the day.

She wrote in the caption, “I said I wasn’t going to post until 😉…..but I liked my outfit a lot to not share😏.”

The post came shortly after Cardi mourned the loss of a friend in a tragic accident.

Cardi B mourns the loss of close friend

Cardi B revealed the loss of her friend, who was walking on the street in Harlem when two cars collided and left collateral damage.

David, a barber and dancer, cut his friend Joel’s hair, and then he and Joel went for a late-night drink.

HOT 97 reported the news that a BMW ran a red light and hit a Subaru on 207th Street in Manhattan. After the collision, a car hit Joel Adames, 31, and David Fernandez, 40, resulting in fatal injuries for both pedestrians. The drivers of the vehicles, however, survived the crash.

Cardi took to her Instagram Stories to express frustration, and she extended condolences to her lost friend, Joel.

She wrote, “Stupidness, negligence, I hope the worst to who committed this! Took someone sooo loved, full of life and just all around amazing leaving people [destroyed]… RIP JOEL!”

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