Camila Cabello supports Shawn Mendes’ new music with ‘Ur crazy wildcat’ comment and has fans divided

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello pose in the press room at the 2019 American Music Awards held at Microsoft Theatre L.A.
Fans are clamoring for a reunion between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello after Camila showed support for Shawn’s new music. Pic credit: ©

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “amicable split.”

Fans argued over Shawn and Camila’s current feelings about each other

The former couple, whose shocking split in November had fans reeling, have proven that just because they aren’t romantically linked anymore doesn’t mean they can’t still remain good friends.

Camila honed in this point when she left a supportive and very playful comment on Shawn’s Instagram post that featured his latest musical endeavor, penning “Ur crazy wildcat” in the comment section of her ex-boyfriend’s social media page.

Fans were in a frenzy once they saw the singer herself had hopped on to voice her support for her ex, with many arguing over the pair’s true feelings for each other.

“but they’re still in good terms so maybe we’ve had it all wrong and only they know what’s up,” wrote one fan regarding several others’ comments that Camila shouldn’t be making remarks about her ex’s life now that they have parted ways.

Pic credit: Instagram@shawnmendes

Another follower penned a lengthy reply to the haters in the crowd, seemingly taking Camila’s side and echoing others’ sentiments that the pair had been sweet together as a romantic couple.

“I’m not okay with @shawnmendes and his team using @camila_cabello if that’s the case but I think Camila wouldn’t condone letting him and team use her. I think there’s more to this than we know and I know Camila knows what she needs in her life and if it’s Shawn I’m all for it because I always felt that they’re soulmates so here to support her and hope Shawn realizes that’s he needs to have her back like she’s always had his.”

Pic credit: Instagram@shawnmendes

Shawn recently sported toned abs following a vulnerable Instagram post

The duo has appeared to move forward with their separate lives gracefully, despite any bumps along the road to mending their hearts after breaking up.

Pic credit: Instagram@shawnmendes

Shawn was spotted two weeks ago at Miami beach, showing off some insanely toned abs while splashing in the waves wearing some black swim trunks.

The crooner was seen smiling and looking happy during his solo outing, an encouraging change from the more fragile version he brought to Instagram just a week prior to hitting the waves.

A then-vulnerable Shawn shared with his followers via Instagram that he was having a “tough time” with social media while expressing his gratitude towards his fans for their continued support.

Both Camila and Shawn have continued to work on their music, with Camila anticipating the release of her third album this year as Shawn prepares to tour following the release of his latest single It’ll Be Okay, which is presumably about his split with Camila.

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