Brittny Ward and Jenson Button forced to postpone wedding for second time

Brittny Ward and Jenson Button forced to postpone wedding for second time
Jenson Button and Brittny Ward had to postpone their wedding again. Pic credit: brittnyward/Instagram

Brittny Ward and Jenson Button were supposed to get married in 2019, but luck was not on their side. They just had to postpone their wedding for the second time.

The announcement came via Instagram, with Ward posting a photo of the couple walking together on a beach, hand-in-hand. Brittny was wearing a beautiful long white dress and Jenson in a blue suit, barefoot.

Her caption was simple:

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“I cannot wait to marry this guy… finally! First an unexpected but such a blessing baby button and then corona virus. 2021 I’ll become Mrs. Button officially”

The wedding was supposed to be in 2019, and then they rescheduled to 2020.

Now, it is off to 2021 before she can become Mrs. Button.

Brittny Ward-Jenson Button wedding postponement

The first time that Brittny Ward and Jenson Button had to postpone their wedding was in 2019 when Ward ended up pregnant.

Instead of rushing the wedding, they chose to put it off until after she had their baby.

She posted at the time:

“Today would have been our wedding date in Italy ? but in a few weeks we will be mummy and daddy.”

She used the same photo to announce the 2020 wedding date was also postponed.

This time around, the couple postponed their wedding date due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jenson and Brittny are quarantining with their son Hendrix.

The date was supposed to be July 10, 2020, in Lake Como. They have been together since March 2016 and announced their engagement in June 2018.

Brittny Ward and Jenson Button

Brittny Ward is a 30-year-old model who became big when she appeared in Playboy. Before this, she worked as a UFC ring girl, and a top modeling agency discovered her there and helped her rise to the top.

As for Jenson Button, he is a former Formula One racer.

He is a British racing driver who won the 2009 Formula One World Championship. Over his career, the 40-year-old racing star has competed in 306 races and finished first in 15 of them. He has finished with 50 podium visits in his career.

Button was initially married to his long-time girlfriend and model Jessica Michibata from 2014-2015. He now lives in Los Angeles with Ward.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on many couples planning to marry in 2020.

Another postponed wedding came for Real Housewives of Orange County alum Vicki Gunvalson, who had to put off her wedding to Steve Lodge. They were supposed to marry in April.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent also had to postpone her wedding this year.

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