Brittany Renner child support from PJ Washington: Gilbert Arenas breaks down the amount

Brittany Renner and PJ Washington pose on Instagram
PJ Washington cryptically accused Brittany Renner of faking their relationship shortly after their child was born. Pic credit: Instagram/bundleofbrittany/Instagram/pj_washington.

Brittany Renner, who welcomed a son in May with PJ Washington, declared it’s ‘step-daddy season,’ confirming the split from her baby daddy.

After the former couple cryptically criticized each other on social media, PJ Washington was forced to deny paying over 200k-a-month child support after the rumors surfaced.

However, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas broke down how much he thinks the Charlotte Hornets’ power forward will pay child support based on his contractual income.

PJ Washington was mocked on social media for dating and having a child with Renner after an old clip resurfaced of the author advising women to have a baby by “dumb athletes” for an easy “come up.”

Brittany Renner child support income

Media personality DJ Akademiks reshared a video in which Renner declares it’s ‘step daddy’ season.

Akademiks accuses the Instagram model of ‘finessing’ PJ Washington of a few million dollars in the caption.

“After successfully finessing [PJ Washington] for a few million.. [Brittany Renner] is back on the prowl claiming it’s step daddy season.. tag the latest athlete who probably gonna get finessed by her.”

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas responded, denying that Renner would earn millions of dollars in child support. Instead, Arenas calculates that she will receive a maximum of $30,000 per month in California, based on Washington’s earnings.

“Akademiks she didn’t get millions ??‍♂️??‍♂️ he doesn’t even have a contract that will produce that type of child support….he’s on a 4 year 12 million…but only 7.8 is that guaranteed, which is about 1.6 guaranteed every year…that pushes out 160k a month before taxes, after taxes probably 140 in NC ? she will get being in cali 7k-30k in child support if he gets 0% visitation ? which is still a come up tho ?”

Instagram comment from Gilbert Arenas
Pic credit: Instagram/akademiks

It is unclear whether the former couple has a pre-arranged child support agreement. Neither Washington nor Renner have publicly confirmed the amount.

Brittany Renner, PJ Washington relationship timeline

Brittany Renner confirmed her pregnancy in March this year, leaving observers wondering when she started dating Washington.

The former couple confirmed that they were together in February this year.

However, according to BroBible, the then-college student PJ Washington moved on Renner when she attended one of his college games.

Furthermore, social media posts suggested that they quarantined together during the lockdown after Renner took a photo in what appeared to be Washington’s apartment.

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