Britney Spears shows off her ‘Clueless’ look, gives fans a peek inside her home 

Britney Spears
Britney Spears shows a new look and a sneak peek of her house. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is back on Instagram with a vengeance. 

After a temporary hiatus from Instagram when her page was unavailable, the pop star posts new pictures, videos, and descriptive captions.

Britney’s latest post shows her in a velvet skirt and crop-top– she calls it her ‘Clueless’ look. 

The Stronger singer plays dress up in new pictures with a signature low-rise and loose curls. Britney even gives fans a peek into her California home. 

Britney Spears shows a look she calls ‘Clueless’, and offers fans a peek inside her home 

Britney Spears makes her triumphant appearance on Instagram, complete with pictures, videos, and plenty of emojis. 

Britney sports a white crop top with ruffled sleeves and no bra. She wears a low-cut velvet pleated skirt and tan heels to finish the look. There is a white heart emoji in the bottom right-hand corner of each photo. 

Each of the four pictures in the post is quite similar. Britney smiles in each photo with her hair down and to the side. Her hands change in the photos from posing on her hips to relaxing on her sides.

Fans also receive a peek at Britney’s home. 

She stands in her foyer for the post–a setting many fans will recognize from several of her posts over the past few years. 

An oriental rug is right behind Britney, and her living room contains seats of various shapes, colors, and sizes, including a pink chair. A life-size brown bear is visible in the background on one chair.

Britney shares a new picture she captions as her ‘Clueless look.’

Clueless is a nineties film starring Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash. Clueless follows wealthy Beverly Hills residents as they navigate life and wear expensive clothing. The prep school look is a prominent feature in the Clueless movie, something Britney is channeling in her new post.

Is Britney Spears pregnant?

Another of Britney’s latest Instagram Pictures has fans wondering if the pop star is pregnant? In heartfelt testimony last year, she told a judge she was forced to have an IUD and not allowed to become pregnant. 

Now that her conservatorship is over, Britney is free to do what she wishes. And some believe she is pregnant. One of Brit’s first posts back on Instagram is a TikTok repost of a belly that is moving because of a pregnancy.

Check out the caption, Britney writes, “Mommy … get me out of here!!!!!!” Britney credits the video’s creator lirios9595.

Time will tell if Britney’s wishes come true in the form of a new pregnancy. 

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2 years ago

Oh so she is using her natural look!