Brian Laundrie manhunt intensifies as police gear up with assault rifles at Carlton Reserve

Law enforcement continues to focus on the Carlton reserve in the search for Laundrie after a quiet week. Pic credit:@GabsPetito/Instagram/@Twitter/BrianEntin

Armed police in Florida are searching the vast swamp where it is believed Brian Laundrie may be hiding.

News Nation Now reporter Brian Entin reports that the search for the missing Brian Laundrie has intensified.

Entin photographed tactical police with camouflage combing through the alligator-infested swamp of the Carlton Reserve in Florida.

North Port police said the units were training and searching in the swampy reserve.

Laundrie is a person of interest in the death of Gabby Petito. As previously reported, the Teton County coroner ruled the death of 22-year-old Petito a homicide and revealed her cause of death was manual strangulation.

Laundrie has not been charged with the murder of Petito, which legal experts believe is strategic. Instead, he is wanted for bank fraud after allegedly stealing Petito’s credit card.

Laundrie likely receiving assistance

Retired FBI agent Dennis Frank speaking to News Nation Now, believes that Laundrie is getting help.

 The former law enforcement reveals Laundrie managed to escape undetected despite being under surveillance, prompting speculation that his parents may have offered him assistance and a cover.

Frank adds that it is unlikely for the 23-year-old to survive in the Carlton reserve without help due to the dangerous elements, such as humidity and alligators.

Search and HRD dogs at Carlton Reserve

According to WFLA, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office joined other law enforcement agencies at the reserve.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson told WFLA that two K9 units – a human remains detection (HRD) unit and a K9 trainer were assisting the law enforcement agencies searching for Laundrie, including the FBI.

“We have sent the HRD K9s a few times and patrol K9s (who are also trained to track those who are missing) a few times,” the spokesperson told the local news outlet, adding:

“For more insight, we’re one of the only law enforcement agencies in Florida that have HRD K9s in-house, so we’re often requested to assist in that aspect across the state.”

The focus on the Carlton reserve suggests that law enforcement believes that Brian is in the area and is open to the possibility that he is dead.

In addition, Laundrie returned to his home last month without Gabby Petito. He returned with her van but refused to offer law enforcement any assistance.  He also did not speak to Petito’s parents, who were concerned about their missing daughter.

His father, Chris Laundrie, joined the search for his son, and he was recently observed installing a video doorbell and picking up mail at his Florida home.

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2 years ago

Swamp is not infestated with wildlife.. they live there. Like saying you infest your own home.
Humans are infection in that swamp not the Alligators.

Infestation is the state of being invaded or overrun by pests or parasites. It can also refer to the actual organisms living on or within a host.

Joanne Fournier
Joanne Fournier
2 years ago

Why aren’t they looking anywhere else? What’s the importance of the Carlton reserve, and what happened to the hiker who claims to have “spotted him” on the Appalachian trail? Did they just sweep that information under the rug?
We Here in Rhode Island believe he was found by locals and they’ve already taken care of him, he might be in the belly of a gator… Just a thought. It’d be a shame but innocent people don’t go on the run!! Turn yourself in BRIAN. Another thought why hasn’t there been a warrant issued for possessing a stolen vehicle (Gabby’s van)

Jenapher Henslee
Jenapher Henslee
2 years ago

His parents don’t seem upset at all about the fact that their son is “missing”. I think they know exactly where he is.

2 years ago

Definitely odd behavior!!

Your mom
Your mom
2 years ago

“AR is Armalite Rifle 15” NOT Assault Rifle. Get your facts straight and report things right.