Braids for Cole — What happened to actor Cole Brings Plenty?

Actor Cole Brings Plenty
Native Americans honor actor Cole Brings Plenty. Pic credit: @colebringsplenty/Instagram

Cole Brings Plenty, the 27-year-old actor known for his role in 1923, was discovered in a wooded area of Kansas on Friday after being missing for several days.

He is being remembered with the Braids For Cole event to honor his life. 

The news of his death was confirmed both by law enforcement officials and the Brings Plenty family.

As previously reported on Monsters & Critics, Brings Plenty had last been seen leaving the Lawrence, Kansas area in a white Ford Explorer in the early hours of March 31. 

His disappearance sparked widespread concern, with his uncle, Mo Brings Plenty, a notable actor from the Yellowstone spinoff, posting a missing flyer on Instagram.

His death is still under investigation at the time of writing this report.

‘Braids for Cole’ is raising awareness about the actor’s death

Following the news of the actor’s death, the Indigenous-led Rising Hearts organization swiftly initiated the Braids for Cole movement, scheduled for April 8, 2024. 

Participants are urged to don braids or share social media content featuring braided individuals as a symbol of solidarity for Cole following his untimely passing. 

Braids hold profound significance within Native American cultures, symbolizing unity and strength. Thus, this movement serves as a tribute to Cole’s life and heritage, encouraging individuals to honor his memory through this culturally meaningful gesture.

In an Instagram statement, they wrote the following: 

“Today, we wear braids. Show your braids. Indigenous or not, braid your hair if you can. We wear braids as a community for Cole Brings Plenty and his family. For all Indigenous peoples with braids. For the many, past and present, whose braids were cut and attacked,” the statement reads, continuing: 

“If you don’t have hair to braid, braid others or share others posts today. Let’s fill our feeds with the beauty, resilience and strength of braids as we honor Cole.”

There are reports on social media claiming that Brings Plenty had an incident in which his braids were cut off. 

Cole Brings Plenty was a suspect in a domestic violence incident

It was revealed that Brings Plenty had been identified as a suspect in a domestic violence dispute prior to his disappearance, as disclosed in a Facebook post by the Lawrence Police Department. The details of this alleged altercation caused alarm among authorities and heightened concerns for Brings Plenty’s well-being.

The discovery of Brings Plenty’s body came after Johnson County deputies responded to reports of an unoccupied vehicle in the area, according to Kansas City Star. Tragically, they found Brings Plenty’s remains in a wooded section, some distance from the vehicle, as detailed in a statement released by the sheriff’s office.

Before his discovery, authorities indicated they had probable cause for Brings Plenty’s arrest in connection to the domestic violence incident. According to reports, he was captured on traffic cameras leaving the city shortly after the altercation, leaving authorities to piece together the timeline of events.

The Lawrence Police Department had received distressing reports of a female screaming for help before Brings Plenty’s disappearance, but by the time officers arrived at the scene, he had already fled. Concerned for his safety, the Brings Plenty family reached out to authorities, officially reporting him as a missing person.

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1 month ago

There is no way Cole would do something like that he had such a kind soul he was such an amazing person and everyone loved him. He would never harm anyone, Alexis Zabala cut his hair off and retracted her statement, changed it, made comments on TikTok and Facebook, and later deleted them they NEED to investigate HER!! #JUSTICEFORCOLE