Bostin Loyd dead: Famed bodybuilder dies amid kidney failure battle at 29

Bostin Loyd Dead
Bostin Loyd pictured with his wife Ariella Giavanna Palumbo in November 2020. Pic credit: Bostin Loyd/Facebook

Famed bodybuilder and personal trainer Bostin Loyd has died at the age of 29.

Loyd’s friend and fellow bodybuilder Devon Palombo confirmed his tragic passing in a Facebook post on the morning of February 25.

Palombo wrote in part, “My friend I’ll never forget the awesome memories I made with you over the last 8 years. Thank you for pushing me in the gym and being such a great friend when I needed you the most. I’ll miss you brother.”

Loyd is survived by his wife and son

Loyd had a son with his wife, fellow bodybuilder Ariella Palumbo. The host of the Bodybuilding and Bulls***t YouTube series Nick Trigilli said in a video that Loyd collapsed in his kitchen on February 25 after returning from the gym. During his career, Loyd went by the moniker Big Daddy B.

Loyd had been open in the past about his use of steroids to the point that they had caused him kidney failure. Just three days before his death, Loyd posted a lengthy update on his battle with kidney failure.

He was first diagnosed with the condition in October 2020. Loyd wrote that he had exceeded doctors’ expectations and that was not on dialysis.

Loyd complained about the U.S. healthcare system, said that he had both good and bad days but mostly good and that he was using EPO, a blood producing doping drug, to combat the failure. Loyd concluded the post by saying, “I’m truly hoping for a miracle but I’m ready for whatever life throws at me!!!”

Loyd said that he did not regret taking the steroids that led to his kidney failure

On January 12, Loyd said in a Facebook post that his Instagram account had been deleted possibly because of older posts that had been reported.

According to Fitness Volt, Loyd said in a January 2022 Instagram post that he did not regret taking the steroids that led to his kidney failure. Although he did refer to doping as an “idiotic experiment.”

A previous Fitness Volt video from December 2016 showing Loyd taking steroids referred to the amount of drugs the bodybuilder was using as “almost appalling and staggering.”

Loyd referred to himself as ‘one of the most controversial figures in bodybuilding’

In a bio on his official website, Loyd described himself as “one of the most controversial” figures in bodybuilding. Loyd wrote that after winning a competition in Hayward, California, at the age of 21, he was “the first” bodybuilder to release his steroid cycle.

Loyd mentions that his parents were both bodybuilders and that he grew up in that lifestyle. He adds that because of his open attitude to steroids, he has received plenty of hate in the bodybuilding community. Loyd maintains that it was his attitude that has caused many in the community to “loosen up” about the use of steroids. Loyd wrote, “These hard conversations have forced many people to realize that steroids are a huge part of the bodybuilding community and that protein powder and lifting are not enough to build elite physiques.”

When speaking about his personal life, Loyd said, “I live a real low key life and I’m not into the party scene. I live my life to the fullest by exploring what I am truly passionate about, and that is fitness.”

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