Billie Eilish halts concert to help fan in need, takes aim at Travis Scott

red carpet image of Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish halted her concert to help a fan. Pic credit: ©

All eyes are on Billie Eilish after the 20-year-old singer stopped her concert to help a fan. This comes amid the whirlwind of conversations that have been sparked by Travis Scott’s involvement with Astroworld Festival.

Scott’s concert led to the injury of 300 concertgoers and the death of 10. While narratives about the situation differ, many claim that he continued with his musical act despite bearing witness to the aggressive crowd. At the time of the controversy, there were many videos being circulated that showed concertgoers flagging staff for help and being ignored.

As the legal aspect of this tragedy plays on, performers who are more proactive against these situations have been gaining praise. The latest to be showcased is Bad Guy singer Billie Eilish.

What did Billie Eilish do?

Eilish is currently on her Happier Than Ever tour which will be traveling around the world throughout 2022. During one of her recent shows, Eilish stopped her act to assist one of her fans. In the clip, she is seen asking her team, “Do we have an inhaler?”

TMZ wrote that the concert took place on Saturday, February 5 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Sharing a compilation of videos, one fan account wrote, “she cares about her fans so much the sweetest” and tagged the sources of the content.

In the two short videos, Eilish is seen comforting the injured fan, telling her that it’s “okay”. She also encourages the crowd to calm down. After being reassured of the concertgoer’s safety, Elish continued her performance.

“I wait for people to be okay before I keep going,” Eilish was reported saying. Perhaps, throwing shade to a certain deadly festival that happened last year.

Eilish’s concert promotes climate action

On top of being a stellar concert monitor, Eilish is also using her large platform to promote action that combats climate change. As reported by Veg News, the musician’s tour is eco-friendly and has an eco-village activation, available for all ticket holders that aims to educate them on climate change.

The outlet shared, “At each show, visitors will also be introduced to The Pledge, a campaign created by Support + Feed to inspire Eilish’s millions-strong fanbase to eat a plant-based meal every day for 30 days.”

Over the weekend, Eilish gushed about the launch of her tour. She wrote, “FIRST SHOW OF TOURRRRRRRRR!!!! NEW ORLEANS YOU WERE AN ABSOLUTE PERFECT START I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!”

It looks like her Happier Than Ever tour got off to a solid start.

Billie Eilish is currently on a world tour.

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