Bille Eilish shows off BTS photos while touring in Tokyo

Billie Eilish shares new photos from Tokyo as she enjoys a Japanese toilet and rocks fishnets. Pic credit: @billieeilish/Instagram

Billie Eilish is enjoying Tokyo, Japan, where she has upcoming concerts and is sharing photos from her adventures.

The photo dump, which Billie is known for, was random and full of beautiful photos of Billie’s travels.

Billie shared the photos with her 106 million Instagram followers and quickly received a half million likes and counting.

She kept the caption simple with a lollipop emojis.

Each picture featured Billie’s quirky style and joie de vivre.

The Happier Than Ever singer geotagged Tokyo, Japan to let fans know where she was.

Billie Eilish shares Japanese photo dump

The first photo featured Billie in an elevator as she looked up and smiled. She wore joggers and rocked dark hair with bangs and a headband. She paired the outfit with white and pink sneakers that matched her sweats.

The second photo featured Billie on one of Japan’s state-of-the-art toilets. She kicked out her legs to reveal black lace-up platform shoes. Her long dark locks were in a messy bun as she held toilet paper and smiled slightly. The wall in front of Billie featured temperature control so that she could create a perfect ambiance in the washroom.

The next part of the post feature Billie in a large stadium doing a soundcheck for the Happier Than Ever tour, surrounded by security guards.

The fourth part of the post was beautiful as Billie stood next to a wall of sparkling blue lights that perfectly matched her ocean eyes. She shared a profile view as she looked up in wonder at the beautiful sight.

Billie wore a tan-colored corset with elaborate black lace underneath. 

She paired the corset with an olive green Gucci miniskirt and finished the look with skin-barring fishnet stockings. 

Billie Eilish talks setting boundaries with fans

Billie Eilish did an interview with Vanity Fair where she discussed setting boundaries with fans, amongst other things. The 20-year-old singer shared the line she walked between having boundaries and being polite to adoring fans.

She revealed, “It is definitely important to have the boundaries and also have people around you that can help in a situation like that. I never want to push away somebody that’s showing me only love. And even if it’s coming from a place of crazy love, I don’t ever want to push that too far away.”

Billie shared an example of her awkward encounters, “When you’re excited about something, you forget boundaries and you forget what’s polite and what’s kind of not polite. I’ve had a lot of weird situations—people will kiss me and pick me up, spin me around.”

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