Ben Affleck’s dad learned about Jennifer Lopez like the rest of us — on the Internet

Jennifer Lopez at the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie DareDevil.
Ben Affleck’s dad found out about Jennifer Lopez’s engagement on the Internet. Pic credit: © Smith / Featureflash

Ben Affleck’s dad found out about his engagement to Jennifer Lopez just like everyone else did— on the internet. 

Timothy Affleck opened up about what he thinks about Jennifer and how he feels about their engagement. 

Timothy Affleck reveals how he feels about Ben Affleck’s engagement to Jennifer Lopez 

Timothy revealed that he found out about his son’s engagement on the internet.

“I haven’t talked to them in ages, but if everything one reads on the internet is true, they’re having a good time together,” Timothy, told The U.S. Sun on Wednesday.

“He’s quite busy with all of his newfound activities. He’s been working a lot, which no one seems to care about. They care about romance,” he continued. 

When asked whether he approves of the pair getting married, Timothy said, “That’s fine by me! I’m happy about it.”

Timothy revealed that he thinks the couple will be able to make things work this time around. 

Ben and Jennifer were previously engaged in the early 2000s but called it off.

“I don’t know anything about wedding plans or anything like that. But I don’t imagine there will be a repeat of the last wedding arrangements,” he said. “The last time the media went berserk. They just went crazy, and I’m sure that had an effect; it would have an effect on anyone, really.”

He added, “But I imagine they can handle it more now, I hope so. Ben’s getting up there; he’s pushing 50.”

Timothy also expressed how he feels about Jennifer. 

“I did meet Jennifer when they first dated,” he said. “There’s a lot I admire about her. She’s quite a special woman. What I like most about her is that she did it all herself. She brought herself up on so many different levels. She’s obviously very talented.”

He appreciates that she is a hard worker and got to where she is by working hard, not by having things handed to her. 

Jennifer Lopez engagement to Ben Affleck

Jennifer announced last Friday vid Instagram that she had some special news to share in her On The JLo newsletter. 

In the newsletter, she shared that Ben had proposed to her for the second time. 

She shared the details of the special moment when he popped the question, saying that he did it while she was having a bubble bath. 

She also wrote that she was in tears and smiling both at the same time. 

Ben popped the question with a green diamond ring. 

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