Ben Affleck calls Matt Damon out for living in filth

Ben Affleck posed on the red carpet.
Ben Affleck recalls living with Matt Damon. Pic credit: ©

Ben Affleck hilariously exposed his longtime best friend, Matt Damon. 

The 50-year-old actor appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden earlier this week and opened up about living with the Bourne Identity actor. 

Corden asked whether Damon was a good or bad roommate. 

Affleck responded, telling the host he would not recommend living with Damon as they did when they were starting out their careers. 

“Matt’s a beautiful guy. I love him. He’s my best friend. He’s been great to me my whole life. He’s a brilliant guy. I would not suggest living with him,” he said about living with the Hollywood star in an apartment he also shared with his brother, Casey Affleck.

Affleck praised Damon’s ability to block things out and said the attribute is one of the reasons why he is a great actor. 

He said his best buddy’s blocking things out included “the idea that when you finish with something, it has to be washed or thrown away.”

The Daredevil actor said after he and his brother had cleaned up after Damon for years, they decided to stop to see how long it would take for him to clean up after himself. 

After weeks of living with Damon on his own cleaning accord, Affleck found maggots in the piles of garbage that surrounded him. 

The actor then heaped praise on Damon’s wife, Lucy, for changing him for the better.

Who is Matt Damon’s wife, Luciana Barroso?

Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, are a rare Hollywood love story. The pair have been married since 2005 and share four children. 

Damon met the Argentian in 2003 at a bar where she was working. They got married after two years of dating and welcomed three daughters: Isabella, Gia, and Stella. 

Damon also became a stepdad to Barroso’s daughter Alexia.

Barroso maintains a low profile despite having a Hollywood star for a husband. She rarely gives interviews but occasionally steps out on the red carpet to support Damon’s projects. 

Jennifer Garner explains why her children prefer watching Ben Affleck’s movies to her own

Affleck and Garner have three children together: daughters Violet, Seraphina, and son Samuel.

In an interview with InStyle, Garner explained why her kids are hesitant to watch her movies. 

“My kids don’t love to watch me in things. They do to be supportive, but I think it’s a little weird to watch your mom kiss someone or cry,” she said, continuing:

“It’s different. They don’t mind watching their dad. They don’t want to see me sad, and they don’t want to see me in a romance. They don’t love seeing me play someone else’s mom, honestly. I don’t know if they’ll watch this.” 

Affleck and Garner were married from 2005 to 2018. The former couple maintains a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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