Grammy Awards seat filler spills the beans on Ben Affleck’s miserable look

Ben Affleck in a suit and Jennifer Lopez in a light blue dress at a movie premiere
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez sent the rumor mill into overdrive with their marital spat at the Grammys on live television. Pic credit: ©

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have appeared to be on a relationship high since they married in July of last year, but many fans think there is trouble in paradise after they were caught allegedly having a marital spat during the live broadcast of the Grammys.

A seat filler at the show sat next to the couple and threw her two cents into the conversation as she was apparently right next to them.

TikTok user @almostannna may be our only real source at the moment for what really went down between the superstar couple.

In a clip of just over 2 minutes, she showed a picture of Ben and Jen at the Grammys and gave her commentary on top.

She told the camera she sat next to them for quite a bit of the show, and it was her favorite seat since she was right in front by Beyonce.

She said she didn’t even know about the memes of Ben Affleck being upset at awards shows but still didn’t talk to him anyways because he “didn’t look happy.”


Replying to @canadiansupernova #greenscreen this is prob the funniest story i have it was so silly. Feeling overhelmed by this attention so im gonna take a break from all of this, i shared the big things and the how-to but all this attention is a lot haha :) I answered all the important questions already, good luck guys! Hear about it more on @hitqldbreakfast tonight! #seatfiller #grammys

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were ‘super lovey dovey’ according to a seat filler

Giving fans some inside information that nobody else knows, she revealed to viewers that Jennifer showed Ben a meme of him looking unhappy on her phone at the show, so they already had it in their mind that it looked as if he wasn’t having fun.

She said, “He knew during the performance that he was a meme. Like, he knew, and he also chose just not to change his expression. I love how unbothered that is.”

The TikTok user said J.Lo was looking at her phone and saw the memes and was clearly just over it.

However, she said the pair was “super lovey dovey” the whole time with their hands “always intertwined,” and “they were cute.”

So, there you have it, folks, according to the seat filler next to them, Ben and Jen are still very much enjoying marital bliss and have no plans to divorce. At least if you’re going by their expressions at the Grammys.

What happened between Ben and Jen at the Grammys?

As far as what actually happened between the couple during the award show, short clips give some insight to the rumors. When host Trevor Noah sat next to them and spoke to the camera, Jennifer was caught scolding Ben over his behavior, with lip readers claiming she said, “Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated.”

Ben replied, “I might,” as he sat up and looked pretty annoyed.

Fans went wild after the eyebrow-raising encounter, with one Twitter user writing, “Ben Affleck is so consistent in his misery i almost have to admire it.”

Another chimed in, “Ben Affleck is every introvert everywhere. You can see his batteries draining in real time. Man is already at 23% 🪫 #GRAMMYs #SaveBen.”

Sources claim Jen knows Ben is a great husband and was having an off night

Sources claimed Jen and Ben are doing just fine, and she understands that he was simply tired with the pair working on separate projects. They told ET, “Jen had a great time and wanted Ben to be excited to be there, but she understood where he was coming from.”

They continued, “Jen knows Ben is a great husband and they still made sure to have a good night together.”

And, of course, J.Lo made sure to share a video of the pair looking happy together at the Grammys to seemingly respond to all the rumors of marital woes, captioning the post, “Always the best time with my love, my husband 🤍.”

Of course, that will never stop all those fantastic memes, but it’s worth a try.

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